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Performance inside a VM


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I wanted to see who else on here is running their gaming setup inside a VM and to compare performance if possible. My specs are below. EDIT: I am playing on a LAN dedicated server.





Host - Dell R720, (2) E5-2640, 64gb DDR3, 5 SSDs, 8 spinning drives in array.


Hypervisor - KVM/QEMU 4.2


Guest OS - Win10 Pro 1909


Guest Settings - Q35-4.2, OVMF, 4c/8t, 8gb memory, SSD passthrough(virtio-0.1.173-2), GTX1060-6gb PCI passthrough (with MSI registry mod for iterrupts).





I will need to pull nvidia drivers and game settings later tonight. But my avg fps is 28 right now which bugs me. CPU load is 40% and GPU load is 35%. This is after trying various shadow and reflection settings etc.. GPU memory use is 3.8gb well within the 6gb. And if I run GPU bench marks I can get GPU usage to 99% outside of 7days.





I've considered incorrect CPU load reporting due to VM. My next plan is to try more cores, then try hiding the hypervisor and virtual CPUs to see if windows is causing it.


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