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7 Days to Die - History


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Hello everyone!!!


First of all, sorry for bad gramar, I am brazilian.


I am playing 7DTD since 2017 and I aways curious about game history. Now they created a note in the start of game what explain why you start without equips in a apocalipse that occurred decades ago (you can see that by the shape of the buildings, most are destroyed by erosion and natural time decay). In the note that say someone named Duke, took all your belongings and left you to die, and another person saved you, gave you some food, water and medical supply then that person asked you to do some tasks (the starting quests) to test you and introduce you to the White River Society.


The game dont explain how the zombification works, how all the apocalipse occurred and how peopple turn into zombies.


After think very much I created a idea.


This apocalipse is not scientific, it is supernatural!


1: Your character never dies, even if a horde of zombies take you and eat your boddy. You just awake in your bed with a bad felling.

2: At night zombies are Strong, but not in the darkness, just at night, cause even inside buildings during day, they are slow and weak. So it is not the darkness who turns they Strong, it is the night.

3: Their bodies can walk and fight even if they are burned or roted. Scientific zombies cant endure so much damage, even if they are just zombies.

4: Why in the seventh day they come after you? Why they are very strong, numerous and can sense your presence during that day?

5: Your charater never sleep.

6: Why the skies turn red at seventh day?

7: There are some misticysm in the game, remember about the Apache Artifact Chest and the Taza's Stone Axe.


So I have some ideas:


1: It is all a dream, our character is traped inside a dream by a coma. Maybe in his real life there are some global disease like covid-19 in our real life, and our charater sufered some trauma by a real friend named Duke who tried kill him after steal all his money, house and even wife.


2: It is some kind of evil magic who turned peopple into zombies, another magic protect our characters from dead and keep us awake all the time.


3: Our world have been cursed by demons, thats why the zombies are very strong at night and can sense us at seventh day. And some sort of espiritual force keep us alive and protect us from death. It is the eternal battle between good and evil.


4: We are all dead! This is the hell and we are just toys to the demons!


Based on these ideas I created some endgames.


1: Your character defeat a final boss (Duke itself) and awake from the coma.


2: Our character dyscover a way to neutralize the magic and save the world.


3: Our character need found the Hell portal what source the curse and afther defeat legions of zombies, destroy it and save the world.


4: Our character need defeat a final boss, maybe a demon or Duke itself and free his soul from the Hell.


Well guys, its all for now, what you think?

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