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Zombie spawn changes, no spawn zone- Observations, tactics A18.4


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So its come to my attention that both how zombies spawn and how zombies can be prevented from spawning have changed in 7d2d A18.4


What I can prove via code analysis:

Neither bedrolls nor the PVP blocks prevent zed spawning at all anymore.

This is verified via reading HTML server config code and the items HTML config.


My theory via gameplay and testing about safe zone:

Players have always had the ability to have a "Newbie safe zone" (As verifyable in the default config.xml during any version ive played post A15) It is my belief that this 'safe zone' now exists around the player at ALL times for the purposes of determining HOW CLOSE a zed may spawn to the player.

This makes it so even on blood moons, a zed may never spawn within a totally off the top of my head 12block or so radius around the player.

HOWEVER, some notable exceptions to this rule are sleepers which also seem bugged in this version as they can 'appear' within 3 blocks of the player.


Observation on zombie spawn blocks:

I took 30 dynamite to the back end of my base where I knew a few spawners were located. This base was on a mesa so the zeds have really small realestate to work with.

Even after destroying about a 30x30 radius, the zeds still had a way to spawn behind my base- albeit at a much reduced rate. I did this twice over and zeds can still spawn in that general area.

Worse, I LITERALLY saw a zombie spawn inside of one of my dynamite blast craters.


Theory on zombie spawn blocks:

My theory here is two-fold.

1. Zed spawn blocks now generate all the way down to bedrock, OR ELSE, have a minimum saturation level, preventing players from manipulating zombie spawning via ground-level block destruction.

2.Placing frames on suspected zombie spawn points may be the only viable method for bypassing where zombies will and will not spawn, with the exception of the players aforementioned 'safe zone' area.

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