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Strange error referring to something that doesn't exist


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Hi there,


I'm trying to make a simple mod that allows me to upgrade iron bars to steel bars. It's functionally working, but when loading the game I get an error.


I can't find the "replace_me" block that it's referring to. I have searched every default file and mod file and it's nowhere to be found. Can anyone shed some light on this?


2020-03-28T21:34:44 18.475 ERR XML loader: Executing post load step on 'item_modifiers.xml' failed
2020-03-28T21:34:44 18.475 EXC Block with name 'replace_me' not found in block steelBarsCentered
Exception: Block with name 'replace_me' not found in block steelBarsCentered
at Block.LateInit () [0x00176] in <3ca2702590144b2c95bd610195728952>:0
at Block.LateInitAll () [0x0000d] in <3ca2702590144b2c95bd610195728952>:0
at WorldStaticData+<LateInitItems>d__20.MoveNext () [0x00018] in <3ca2702590144b2c95bd610195728952>:0
at ThreadManager+<CoroutineWrapperWithExceptionCallba ck>d__40.MoveNext () [0x00044] in <3ca2702590144b2c95bd610195728952>:0
UnityEngine.DebugLogHandler:Internal_LogException( Exception, Object)
UnityEngine.DebugLogHandler:LogException(Exception , Object)
UnityEngine.Logger:LogException(Exception, Object)
<>c__DisplayClass47_0:<loadSingleXml>b__3(Exceptio n)
<CoroutineWrapperWithExceptionCallback>d__40:MoveN ext()
UnityEngine.SetupCoroutine:InvokeMoveNext(IEnumera tor, IntPtr)

(Filename: <3ca2702590144b2c95bd610195728952> Line: 0)

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Now this is just guessing wildly but the error happens in a "post load step" and might be some internal replacement the xml parser has to do after reading all the xml and putting it into an internal structure. In that case you won't find "replace_me" in the xml at all.


By the way, I assume you used a search tool for this and didn't just look yourself.

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