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XML mod compass icons


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I am new at modding, but not unfamiliar with the xml format.


I want to mod the icons on the compass such that some don't show up, could you help me with one of the following.


1) what key works should I look for?

2) while xml fils wouth be a good place to look?


Thanks in advance

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Small update: I poked around and it may be possible, though not all icons appear to be "accessible" through XML, to maybe do it via these things:

1. XML: Remove the tracking icon from some objects (like vehicles) or maybe swap it out with an icon that doesn't exist. Don't know what that would do or if it would cause issues.

2. Find the in game icons (this may be a lot of work) in the game assets files and edit the game assets files (there is a way, I've never done it, and it looks like a LOT of work) to replace the icons with icons that are just transparent icons.

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