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Is there a way to access UI variables (like day, time) inside of items/buffs?

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I know it sounds weird and a bit cumbersome but: I was thinking of a mod where the "time related" values in the UI were removed and you have to have an item (say, a watch) in order to know what time it is at that moment e.g. "you looked at your watch". Maybe you "use" the watch that then sets a cvar that then can be used in a buff "<display_value>" string, or something. Anything. The only place I see the "time and day" related variables exposed is in the UI related XML files. I've experimented and gotten nowhere :(


If this could be done, then you could hide almost anything in the UI and make items required to get your stats. A "working" compass (for directions), a GPS unit, watches, errrr...whatever. It would be more of a "oh crap what time is it!?" or "what day is it?" type of scenario. No watch, you don't know until nightfall sets (maybe you could remove the night/day sounds so you would not really know when it sets). It would also be funny to have these items "not be calibrated" so maybe your watch is off by 37 minutes... or a day.Mmaybe your watch doesn't work at all after awhile... etc ;)

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