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Multiplayer join issue


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It has been about 3 years since I have played 7D2D. I tried to return to the game after I found a few friends who were starting up their own server that is hosted. Every time I try to join, After about 1 minute, my game would freeze for a few seconds and then I would end up at the main menu screen. After several hours of trying every single known disconnection fix on Google, I decided to try and log into other multiplayer servers. The same issue happens on the 13 I tried to hop on. Single player is fine, since I was able to play 10 straight hours with out an issue. I could not find out how to remedy this, and the support forums were my last option. Thanks.

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Since you haven't played in a while there might be some old games/data that need cleaning up.


Clean install:


From Steam Library click "Play"

Select "Show Game Launcher" from the popup.

Click "Play"

From the game launcher select the "Tools" tab.

From the Tools tab select "Clean game data..."

Check all the boxes and select "All Maps" under Discovered map of remote games.

Click "Clean"

Close the launcher, don't start the game.

From your Steam Library, right click the game and select "properties".

Select the "Local Files" tab, and click "Uninstall Game"

After the game is uninstalled go to this folder:

C:/Program Files (x86)/Steam/steamapps/common/

and delete the 7 Days to Die folder.

Go to this folder:


and delete the 7Days2Die folder.

From your Steam Library, reinstall the game.

Try again.

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Thanks for the quick response.


I have already done all of the above specifically, I went and did it a 3rd time.


After trying to get onto a multiplayer server, I end up getting put back to the main menu screen after about a whole minute upon entering a server. That is the furthest I have gotten it to work. Tried a handful of servers including my groups dedicated host and I get booted off to the main menu after a whole minute, there is no text warning, or any error codes. The game notification tells my friends that I logged into the game, then log off the game in the same amount of time.

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