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SMS Hosted - 5 USD for a 7 days to die game server in Vint, Hill, Virginia, USA

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Public free 7 days to die game server is:

SMS Virginia Moonshine PVE


Port: 27015





Hello, I am the group leader for Something More Serious.

In the forums i am known as Wicketness in my gaming group I am known as Noobs Inc.

During this Virus outbreak i would like to extend an offer to you the players.

I can host game servers for $5 USD per month in my Virginia, Vint, Hill, USA, Location.

I will support 8 players for 7 days to die. and you can keep the server for 5 bucks each month.


We will offer back end support to get you up and running.

This is ideal for private servers.

Modded servers are possible.

you will also have 24/7 access with our Game panel.



$1 usd per extra slot after 8 (max 16)

$5 usd - Botman server manager can be hosted for you.

You can use whatever server manager you wish as long as you know

how to set it up.


The Bare metal Host system specs:


Processor: Intel Xeon E5-2660

16 cores / 32 threads - 2.2 GHz normal / boost 3 GHz

Memory: 256GB DDR3 ECC 1600MHz


SSD - 2x SSD SATA 240GB Datacenter Class

HDD - 4 SATA 2TB Datacenter Class

Network - 500 Mbps

DDos Protection.

Public network: 500 Mbps

Private network: 500 Mbps


If you are interested join my group discord.



and send a PM to Noobs Inc.

and i will help get you set up with my team.

I will talk to you myself and see what you want set up.


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forgot the free server (see edit history)

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