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Is there an option yet to switch off tunneling?


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If you mean digging zombies? then no, its not an option yet, but there is a easy solution, dig a 1 block down pit above where your base is, or 2 blocks down, bottom layer: reinforced cement, on top of that? iron spikes. If they detect you below they'll try to dig right down to you, which will make them kill themselves on the spikes. You'd just need to do some maintence every few days and repair/replace them. Horde night though, they will find you, you won't be able to stay down there horde night.


based on a poi in vanilla i've actually designed a bunker/pillbox thats easy to defend above ground.. mostly, only real issue is demo zombies, you purposefully leave a opening blocked by some plates with leaving an opening on the top plate, so they all try to get in that 1 way while you lay into them, in the poi I use the zombies never attack the back or sides, they all walk to come in the front. With the plates setup, they also set themselves up for perfect headshots, if u were to stick some electric fence poles around you'd prob be able to get thru horde night with very little block damage, assuming you leave yourself access so you can repair said fence poles.


What I hate more than diggign zombies is they changed/fixed somethings that made a underground base less attractive.


1: The hatch elevators, sadly the "bug" that allowed these to work was also the same issue that let zombies slip thru 1 block spaces that should have been closed off, so when it was fixed, the hatch elevators no longer worked as it relied on the same "bug"


2: Haybales used to prevent fall damage from ANY height, you could literally fall down from the skybox to bedrock and be completly fine as long as you landed on a haybale. Now it only prevents fall damage within 12 or 13 blocks, so you now have to stagger them down into your base, making the entrance a bigger pain in the arse to make. I could just use a ladder, but damn it was nice being able to just fall in a few seconds to the base, and use the hatch elevator to get out in 3 seconds or less.


TL:DR Underground life can still work, for anytime except blood moons, it just takes a tad more work to make it work fine.


As for the Poi I use as a base? this is it, I build the base near the roof with those beams that go across, once upgraded to cobblestone its stable enough that it won't come down if all the support pillars get destroyed. church_sm_01.jpg.e509f06b7d6025d67079c98313d4605e.jpg

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