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Hi guys, I need your Help!


I just downloaded and installed SMX UI Mod by Sirillion


The UI is pretty cool, but I wanted to modify some things (icon sizes, some colors, panel orders ..., so not drastic changes)


I'm new with this stuff, but I managed to edit the value's properties the way i like it.


But there is a Problem when I interact with TRADER


Here is the ORIGINAl mod



Here is mine edited



(In case you can't see them : https://imgur.com/a/qkHR1Na)


As you can see, the original has all 3 panels in order, but I'm trying to set (Left to Right) Inspect panel, Trader Panel, my inventory.


I already set The Property of itemInfoPanel (Inspect panel) -> panel="Left" and of windowBackpack (my inventory) -> panel="Right"


But now I think itemInfoPanel competes with the Trader Panel to stay on the Left side transforming everything in a complete mess.


So, what I should do (i hope!) is to tell the game to put the Trader Panel on the Center.

Ok.... how? xD As I said before, i'm not very good at modding (i'm newbie).

I don't want to change anything to the Trader Panel, i want just to move it to the Center, that's all.


This is the Backpack :

<remove xpath="/windows/window[@name='windowBackpack']" />

<append xpath="/windows">
    <window name="windowBackpack" depth="1" size="470,750" anchor="CenterCenter" [b]panel="Right"[/b] controller="BackpackWindow" cursor_area="true">
         blah blah blah geeky stuff


This is The Inspect Panel:

<remove xpath="/windows/window[@name='itemInfoPanel']" />

<append xpath="/windows">
    <window name="itemInfoPanel" depth="1" size="450,750" anchor="CenterCenter"[b] panel="Left" [/b]controller="ItemInfoWindow" cursor_area="true">
         blah blah blah geeky stuff


Thank You! :smile-new:

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I MADE IT! :peace:

Sorry guys, but the "spark of genius" (I don't know how to say it properly in english ahaha) got me right after i posted this thread :rockon:


So I understood this mod files (windows.xml, xui.xml, controls.xml ecc...) interact with the relative original game files.

I got a quick knowlenge about "xpath" and how to set or modify value's properties

I searched for the right path by looking at the original game files


After some attempts I got the right code line!

All I had to do is adding this line

<set xpath="/windows/window[@name='windowTrader']/@panel">Center</set>

to the widows.xml file


It apparently fixed also the same problem with Vending machines.

Ok, Never mind guys, i figured it out!


ps: I'm trying to close this thread, but i don't know how (i'm really tired guys :sleeping:) so I can keep this open just for the lolz

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