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The "Subsistence" model of animal keeping


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I know there's a lot of crossover between these games (at least from the amount of chatter about 7D on the Subsistence forums and the fact that several well-known Youtubers play both) so I thought I'd give the devs a heads-up if they haven't played it themselves.


In Subsistence there's no need to build a giant structure specifically FOR the farm animals. You build a "hutch" for your rabbits and/or chickens, with those holding more than one animal being more resource-intensive, then capture wild animals to put in it. You have to give them food and water (which can be quite an issue in that game!) and they slowly level up from 0 (wild caught) to 10, when you butcher them for higher-quality meat, cloth/feathers and fat.


It would be a lot easier for the Pimps to put animal husbandry in as an item than build a whole system around taming wild animals. It would give us an extra use for the veggies from growing farms. And since they're a breakable object and can ONLY be placed on actual ground, you have to build some sort of defenses around it so that wild animals and enemy bandits don't destroy it.


You could include a pigpen as well as a hutch, and piglets that follow the pigs around. Just give a chance for the animals to be knocked down to 5-10 hp by an arrow rather than killed outright, and a timer in which that animal remains alive in your inventory so you have to get it home and in a hutch in time. Since it's part of your base and has to be placed nearby (say within the reach of an active land claim block) protecting it from zombies on horde nights becomes one more problem to overcome.

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