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Manmade Enemies (and deaf and blind ones, anti-grindy talk)


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Been playing this game since alpha 15 or 16. It gets better with each update to me, great work to the devs.


Manmade Enemies:


I'm talking zombies with spiked metal clubs for arms, an armless zombie with a spiked iron mask, zombies clad in armor, a zombie with a junk turret backpack. Like they could be made by npcs who want you dead.


Zombie Detection:


Some very rare zombies only track your noise, or can't hear at all. A zombie type that's not too threatening but it scans for players trying to get line of sight, and charges you from max distance.




This is probably too wacky, but I suggest a couple of solutions for things that are a little too grindy for me;


آ• Mods which can't be repared and break eventually, but give x2 block damage. Maybe requires diamonds.


آ• When you're not using a tool type, you bank some of the unused effectiveness. Like if you haven't used a shovel for a whole day, shovels do 200% damage decaying for a short while.


Thanks to the Fun Pimps and 7DtD players.

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