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Wishes/tweaks (currently playing 18.3)


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Just some input :) I'm trying more for a "hard mode" without making Z's bullet sponges and I noticed a few mechanics that I think would be nice to tweak as they stood out as making the game significantly easier/less scary/less challenging in the early game:


Tweak: To not loot Junk turrets in loot early in the game

Reason: They are currently a little OP for early game, giving you a lot of margin of safety to take out small POI's early game without much effort. I've played several new games and I find Junk Turrets within a the first day or two and it's nice, but takes a lot of the challenge out of small POIs. Yes, I could choose not to use it but that's not the point. I like them but I want to work for it since they are so useful.

Wish: Take them out of loot and replace with Junk Turret parts. Crafting is a big part of the game so make it a "reward" you get for looting and crafting. Additionally: Make them a little harder to craft (need more parts, or maybe throw some special part it needs).


Tweak:Make Sun "brightness" being tune-able as a game setting

Reason:When the sun is out, its really bright, even indoors, and even underground! The electric lights in the game (both POI default, and player crafted) are fun but not needed in the daytime because its so bright. If going inside a base or underground required lighting to be turned on (or torches) it would bump up the challenge, and give good reason to manage power/resources to keep the lights on if you hole up indoors at night. Additionally: If tune-able to be darker, you would have to burn torches/candles a lot more early game and have to manage them to avoid the heat map getting too hot, and it would make "finally getting electric power" a wonderful goal to reach and likely a necessity after the early game is over.

Wish: It would be nice to have a way to force the sun to be dim enough so that its dark inside and underground, requiring lighting to see if you are inside even during the day (if no outside light coming in).


Tweak:Make player carried electric lighting (flashlights/helmet lights) dimmer/variable/more "fun"

Reason: They are currently a little OP for early game. Once you find a flashlight and put it on your head, its "too easy" to see all the time and lasts forever so you leave it on all the time. Additionally: You can generally find/get a head mounted flashlight (miner helmet, etc) very early in the game as it doesn't get any better then that (for player carried lighting). Yes, I realize I could choose not to carry it but...

Wish: It would be nice if there were "quality" to flashlights/helmet mods so a poor quality one would be "weak/dim" and high quality would be "like it is currently in game". Additionally: If the flashlights "ran out" like electric batteries do that would be cool. Since there are eventually an excess of flashlights looted and POI's with little lights in them (electric lanterns) I feel it would be cool to be able to loot/scrap them for batteries/cells, which go in flashlights, which run out after a day or so of use. Quality could only be for brightness/beam width. And it would be kinda cool if your flashlight ran out while you were in the dark because you forgot and left it on during the day :). Additionally: maybe rechargeable batteries so you could make a "small battery charger" you could hook up like the battery bank to restore flashlight cells?

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