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Traps and POI traps

Adam the Waster

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(no not those kinda snowdog!)


i had a few ideas for some traps in game that "could" be in-game



Flinger Trap: This looks like a flat board with a Air compressor, Spring and a bellow and it does what it shoulds like it can do! FLING ZOMBIES!, due to the Light Metal sheet on it when zombies step on it will Fling them and can cause some broken bones. (note: there's a Cool down so i can't just FLING every zombie, and needs power)


Bear trap: Great for zombies and people! the bear trap can be made with some Springs, Mechanical parts, and a bit of steel. these things if zombies get into them will cause them to be trapped in place or even have a Leg missing and for players it can stop them in place, give them bleed or sprain the leg. (Note: you have to rearm them and they will break over time)


Firebomb Mine: looks like a mine but has a Bottle in the middle full of Gas , oil and other Flammable substances. it will blow up like a Molotov and will burn the zombies into a Crisp!


Military landmine: a Landmine uses for the army! these things blow up like a Frag grenade rather then the pipe bomb. you can't craft them immediately but you need a Blueprint!


Tesla Trap: with some brass , A car battery, some Rods made of brass. a Shopping basket and 2 Headlamps and Boom! Tesla trap! its is able to ZAP zombies within a 6x6 radius or a 9x9 but is less strong! it will charge up and will shock the zombies with a deadly amount of electricity and sometimes even set them on fire! the headlights will flash Red when Ready! (note: needs A LOT of power and you need to be careful when using it due to the fact that it may turn you into Charred meat)


Speaker Trap: need to lure some Zombies to or away from you?? you can with the Speaker Trap. looks like a Speaker system with some Spike plates , wood and other items, what this will do is it can lure or draw attention to zombies (EVEN DURING BLOODMOONS but its a 50/50 chance) however they will try to destroy the speaker as quickly as Possible and will kinda act like a Crappy spike trap it will damage zombies if they hit it!





these traps you can't craft but they are uses as hazards in POIS


Tar trap: while not a trap and more of a POI trap! this is a Puddle of Tar , Oil , paint and God knows what and it sticks to your feet, it slow you and zeds down. looks like a Big Black puddle.


Loose wires: ether Dangling from the ceiling , the ground the wall? it has a 50/50 chance of zapping you can can be deadly.


Steam vents: mostly around areas with Pipes it will look like a Cracked pipe but it sometimes shoot hot steam out and can damage you!


Rebar spikes! found in mostly destroyed areas, these Natural spikes will do damage to you if you land on them or next to them!


house Alarm! if you walk in front of a Camera with a Red sight and get right next to it it will sound a Alarm on it. it will wake up every zombie in the POI and can lure some over like a Screamer! you can break it to stop it or sneak past it. mostly found in stores!


thxs for reading!

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