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Combat! weapons, moves etc

Adam the Waster

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7DTD melee action is kinda weak so here's a few ideas.



1: Interchangeable Moves: if you hold R you can choose different forms of attack.


2: Special movies: if you Press both triggers on a Mouse or Controller you would activate and can do the following


Base: Block (able to block somewhat weaker attacks). Special attack: able to do a special move that does more damage for the cost of stamina



3: Special attacks: when you activate you can do a special move.


Club: A nice baseball bat swing


Spear: Throw (base power attack is just a heavy Jab)


Hammers: Ground powned (AOE attack)


Axes: Windmill move (360 attack)


Brawling: Uppercut (can knock zeds off their feet)


Knifes: a heavy Shank (Great for armor) (power attack is a Slash)


Shovel: Paddle slap (sounds fun to say) (not great for digging)


PickAxe: AOE attack


Gun/crossbow: Bash


Bow: Able to fire Multiple Arrows (3) (not able to do on compound bow)



4: Replace moves: you're able to replace power attacks with different attacks (like the ones listed)


5: Dough: when moving back or sideways and you press jump. you're able to dough a nice distance from most zombies. however some zeds are harder and can even do it themselves (spider zombie and Feral wight)


6: Different weapons:


Tomahawk: its found in the Perception tree and they are able to be (thrown , attack and power attack) they have pretty good damage, but the throw is strong and has a Nice AP albilty. Stone , iron , steel


Sheilds: Both used for offensive and defensive (found in Fortitude). you can either just equip the shield and bash zeds or block with it. "the bash is ok but can be upgraded with mods". the block and protect you from Many things but won't make you invincible. side attacks hurt: AP rounds and steel arrows , Explosives, Fire and Cars but will protect you from melee attacks , Basic bullets or arrows (50% chance with Bullets). but you can equip it in your armor section so you can uses any "One handed weapon/tool" and you can block with it, however you can only use power attacks and it blocks your screen a bit.

(Wooden/Scrap shield , Iron shield , Steel shield.)


Swords: The long blade found in the Agility Area. this is a great weapon that neary one one can uses. while the Knife is faster , Dose more bleed and is more durable. the sword is Stronger in terms of damage, nice Cripple ability and dose some bleed.

while the Machete is better then both the Stone and Iron sword, and is faster to use. the Katana is a Very Deadly blade, while slower to uses it has more durability, cuts through zombie flesh like a Hot knife through butter and a ok Bleed!


(Stone , Iron , Katana)



and the Intelligence Tree! these weapons can only be made or bought by a trader


Stun baton!


Pressure gauntlet: Take the power fist from fallout and crank it up to 11! its able to have a Powerful punch that knock zombies back (when charged). and Has a very strong Power attack! it uses Compressed air to make the powerful hits!


Hotrod Blade: This blade has a Battery on it that can turn the Blade RED HOT able to Cut through zombies with ease. Hard to make or buy.





thxs for reading. if you got any ideas feel free to talk about it!

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