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Movement, Hordes, NPCs, Missions etc...


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I dont think the game needs such animations/mechanics as going prone or sliding etc. Let's say with pressing Right ALT on the keyboard the player walks slower than usual, and as a result zombies could be harder to be alarmed/triggered. The aim/crosshair might be slightly more focused at the same time. It would be cool to see faster movement while being in crouch animation after hitting Right Shift key (is it already implemented???). The latest hit of the season is a tactical sprint. Basically, with double tapping W key the character could sprint faster without possibility to shoot/aim at the same time.



To me building bases is kind of broken unless players actually force themselves into forgetting about AIs pathfinding bugged mechanics, pyramid-like shaped blocks that glitch AI, trenches dug by players around traders etc. I dont feel the need for going through often hord nights because of high drainage of resources as well. Its some sort of resource fear in my case... Making horde nights completely random (something between 5 to 9 days etc.) and less hardcore/punishing/resource draining? I have no idea how this could be balanced in a way its still fun and appeals to everyone. Kickass waves and smaller waves possible on the maps?


NPCs and their bases

If NPCs are going to be implemented anytime soon, please consider adding some capturable bases. Making bases possible to be cleared from NPCs (bandits etc). Capturing bases and having some territory to be overtaken or being under control by players factions (even allied NPCs) etc. could be a game-changer. All the stuff with the zones and spheres of influence visible on the map might be cool. Bases populated by few friendly NPCs that can be recaptured by other hostile players etc. You know, like ultimate sandbox or whatever. Having nice flags or players emblems over bases would be really cool. Im not sure if thats not too much...



Escorting NPCs. Delivering packages from one fort/trader to the other. Eliminating the group of NPCs. Doing stealth missions against NPCs. The list goes on and players wouldnt be bored too quickly. Possibility to activate up to 2 missions at traders, not only one.


More refined gunplay, 5.56 ammo type weapons please. Vehicles that could be occupied up to 4-5 players even.


Id love to see the game less focused on grinding, more gameplay/interesting mechanics implementation and teamplay based/driven. Faster progression, more pleasure derived just from gameplay and mechanics that could be explored with mates.


Im sold after those changes. Just my thoughts.

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