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Adam the Waster

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Special zombies.



this zombie is built like a Tank and has some a old straitjacket (his arms are out due to him ripping the suit so he can still hit you) that's been Darken due to Decay, fermentation of the Flesh and God knows what else, This zombie has a Large build (mostly due to the Jacket) and has a Small head. he Charges at you , Walls , Cars and other to go through them or at least hit him. (if its wood he will go through it, however if its scrap metal or brick or higher it will just Damage it with a 2x 3x size) when he's ready to Attack you he will get into a Stance , will Roar and will charge. if he hits you he will send you flying and if you hit a wall your going to take damage! but he has a weakness! if you cripple his legs he can't charge! he can go through wooden spikes With no problem, but iron he has a problem with!



Feeders: Feeders may be your first special zombie you may find. they are skinny almost to the bone, with their tibial and fibula showing but have a plumped Gut full of Flesh (both Rotten and Fresh) they get their Name due to the fact that they will eat anything living or dead (while they don't attack zombies, they will feed on them once they die) and due to this never ending hunger, they have a Fast metabolism and can heal themselves quickly. they don't walk , they Jog and at night they are Nightmare. however due to their Weaken Bodys they are easy to kill.


HP: 100


Infector: This Nasty zombie is Tall and Has a Average build, but its mouth is Large and Gapping with Sharp Jagged teeth coming down. due to the Mouth always This exposied, Many infections have formed in its mouth and one Bite could me infection! AND IF IT ATTACKS Again it keeps adding up! they have a Short range Spit that just Blinds people and does Little damage. but this gives time for it to come and take a nice comp into you.

HP: 650


Fermenting Walker: these poor souls where Fat people like the Fat Hawaiana Zombie but suffered a worst fate. they have no cloths and their skin is Dark Green with Spots of Black, their gut is Wide Open and is a Gaping hole showing its stomach and guts. there called "walkers" for a Reason just they are the leaders of hordes, due to the Smell they make zombies follow them around and other infected. the Smell is so Bad that if one is Too close to the Player , they will lose some Stamina due to them losing their lunch. With one of these guys around its basically Blood to a Group of Sharks. "the Walker is the blood, and the Horde is the sharks"


HP: 175

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