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Some suggestions that I came up with while mindlessly mining out some rocks


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I've been 14 days in so far (total 100 days+ cumulative across all the maps).

Here's some ideas that I've come up with:

(I'll keep updating/adding on as time goes by)


  • When holding out building tools, blocks should be color-coded to show whether they're structurally supported or not (green, yellow, red. . . you get the gist).
  • Mods should be able to be directly dropped onto a weapon/clothing.
  • Dragging a mod over to a weapon/clothing should open up its modifier tab automatically.
  • A quick-transfer from my inventory to a chest FOR THE SAME ITEMS (sort of like Terraria's quick-transfer).
  • Scrapping option should have a preview of what it's going to give.
  • An option to rename waypoints, rather than having to remove it and make the name again.
  • Zombie sounds/attacks having a hitmarker/visual cue, sort of like Rainbow 6 Siege's gunshot visual cues.
  • Explosives should be instantly fused when left/right click. Left for light toss, right for long-range lobs. Maybe even include a visual identifier before you even light it up.
  • Making engimes stackable?
  • Player-placed landmines being able to be picked up again?
  • Stamina-regening skills.
  • Players ragdolling forward when their bicycle hits a tree/block (somewhat realistic, but definitely funny to see).
  • When falling from extreme heights, when you break your legs, that means you are CRIPPLED. Crawling, sprawling, and sure as heck wailing like a crybaby from the intense pain.
  • Normal clothes being able to have more mod spots.
  • A secondary clothing slots (sort of like Terraria's vanity slots). Great for putting in things like cigar, different weather-appropriate clothes for hot/cold biomes, or just to pimp out your looks.
  • Making bottles of acid drinkable (mmm, deliciously quenching my thirst).
  • More than 300% EXP multiplier in the setting
  • Zombies walking around spikes before resorting to dive right into it (smarter AI pathings).
  • Scrapping equipment should return their dyes and mods that were equipped on it
  • Ziplines! Cranes! Tree houses! Cannibals!
  • Better chest bounce physics when broken. Sometimes my chest gets broken and the items just straight up disappear after falling down 2 blocks.
  • Dedicated slots for ammo/Duke's tokens (sort of like Terraria's slots).
    Or, have back-pocket mods like "Wallet, "Pistol Holster", "Knife Pouch", and "Ammo Pouch" to provide extra slots for those respective items.
  • A way to make chest/storage locks. See how when you first place down a chest, you have to "break" it twice before it drops its loot. It would be great if there's a way to replace that "lock", or at least a way to reinforce the chest with Iron or something durable.
  • Allies on the team should automatically be able to access locked chests (or at least a setting for it).
  • Some enemy corpses are gone after a single accidental shot (happened to a zombie bear).
  • Backpacks to expand inventory slots.
  • Speaking of inventory slots, how about something like a cart connectable to a truck/motorcycle? Sort of like a wagon.
  • Spider zombies actually being spider-like, by climbing vertically onto walls and latch onto them. They also have a higher chance of inflicting bleedouts (like a spider's venom).
  • Larger zombies being able to physically knock you down. Cause, you know, they're twice the size of you, and 10 times more fit too, probably.
  • Swimming horizontally and vertically faster, and also launching yourself off the water a little bit higher. I've had issues where I can't seem to reach a block on the edge of the water before being plunge down 5 blocks under. (happened recently on the larger Dock near the National Forest, when I tried to climb back on the boat)
  • A better identifier for quests, because we all know that map identifiers are somewhat clunky at times. (maybe slight highlight of objectives when you're nearing it)
  • Hovering over a POI displays its loot abundances, or how many gun safes/hidden caches/loot crates it has in the building (but you have to discover it first, otherwise it'll show as "???" or nothing at all).
  • More curvy corner blocks, similar to that fashion of a Minecraft "bench" (stairs).
  • Sittable chairs, stools, couches, to hang out with friends and just chill in the apocalypse.
  • Mannequin to play dress-up, or to shoot at and practice your aim. Or decoy, even!
  • Ways to travel across bodies of water quickly. Rowboats, canoes, long vertical bridges, balloons(?)
  • A display for an item's price when it is fully repaired in brackets next to its current sell price.
  • Ability to accept multiple quests from the trader, or shuffle for new quests (maybe a cost of something in exchange).
  • Zombie baits, like crafting some raw meat with cloths to make a dangling bait for zombies to sprawl at, before they get bored/uses up duration/durability.
  • Bear traps. Broken glass shards (budget wire fences).
  • Different attacking animations for melee (fist uppercutting, sledgehammer straight-down slam, machete's side-dismemberment hack!).
  • Fun soccer balls. Kick them, shoot them (maybe indestructible?).


(I might've missed a few because apparently the Preview Post button likes to delete my whole post and clear everything in the auto-save cache, so I'm rewriting this based off of a recording. Although I did added a few ideas and revised some as well!)


I'm just throwing ideas out there and going off on a tangent.

Let me know which one did you liked, and your opinions on the list!

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