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AoE upgrade

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I am trying to figure out if its possible to do a version of 'admin tools' that does AoE upgrades (aka, radius x upgrade/repair all blocks)


I was looking at using rocketlauncher as a base, but have zero experience making changes in 7DtD.

Is it possible to add a repair/upgrade call to rocketlauncher actions?

(if you can do an upgrade using the nailgun to affect a range of blocks, that would work too)



When I searched, I didn't see anything else that did AoE repair/upgrade at zero cost (dev/admin tool), so I figured i'd toss the idea out there to see if its possible at all, or if upgrade actions are single target only.

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That's a very interesting idea. Whether repairing can be done through an aoe buff can be done without code should be tested. If no one gets to this I will check it out if time allows.

yeah, i've been playing around, but every time i try to do any repair actions using ammo, it corrupts the item and it doesn't exist.

I tried adding different ranges to the default repair tools, but it doesn't seem to effect the outcome.

Adding repair to projectiles (like rocket ammo) causes the ammo to glitch out and not load into the weapons (error in the console).

I'm assuming the repair action would have to be called on individual items, especially due to calculating the cost to repair and/or upgrade individual blocks.


Just a bit of xml modifications so far... was hoping it would be a simple change :D ahahah

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