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Can't find scrapping in code lines


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I wanted to make a modlet, that adjusts scrapping: number of parts in breaking tools/weapons should correspond with their quality as well, as in crafting: better tool - more parts


But i cant find scrapping recepie or some else config of this action.


Or, if someone already did that mod, link to modlet will be nice.

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this line determines how much scrap will be:

<property name="Weight" value="XX" />


and this forbids completely:

<property name="NoScrapping" value="true"/>


Or code it can be calculated based on the content of the recipe. (maybe outdated)

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on first, thought so, but:


<item name="gunPistol">
<property name="Material" value="MHandGunParts"/> <property name="Weight" value="4"/>


<item name="gun44Magnum">
<property name="Material" value="MHandGunParts"/> <property name="Weight" value="6"/>


and both guns give 3 parts on scrapping.

No logics.


UPD: pistol - 3 and magnum - 4

buffed magnums' weight to 100 - gives 75 parts.

so, you're right, and strange digits because of rounding to integer value

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Yes, there are rounding to integers.

By the way, at a scrap you receive 75% from weight, but at melting -100%.


I haven't tried to control it with passive effects, but the effects on recipes - only affect the amount of ingredients. (as far as i know).

Perhaps, can somehow adapt this effect to the recipe that affect to the scrapping (there lines at beginning of the xml)...but hardly - there are no numerical values...

Working with crafting is not yet covered by the new system.

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