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Adam the Waster

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it would be cool if you could get some of the "cosmedics" from the zombies

And maybe a comedic from any removed zombies (god forbid) as a Memorial


Hawaiian shirt

Football jersey (as far as i know you can't get in Survival,call me out if im wrong)

Footballer pants

Nurse Face mask

Biker Helmet

hard hat (that's what the mining helmet should be, it becomes a mining helmet with the light mod)

Demolishes armor (maybe)

Utility vest (Adds more crafting Speed)

Lab Coat

Police Cap , and BDU


and a few new ones like


Ski mask

Ushanka Hat

Army Cap

Survivors Football team shirt

White River Vest/gear

Gas Mask

Welding helmet

Pimp Hat/Jacket

Fedora (ew)

Checkered Pants



if you have any feel free to add

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