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SMS Hosted Services - Rent A Game Server- Location Montreal, Quebec, Canada.


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Public 7 Days to Die Server.


SMS Montreal Canada PvE A 18.3 B3


Port: 26900





Rental Info.

I have a limited amount of game server space for players that want a nice and easy experience.

We can host any game server you wish but our focus is for 7 Days to Die.



What we can offer you:

Full Service Support: (we will do everything for you)

You can run a Stable or Experimental if needed.

You can run with full support or just rent space and do everything your self.


Extra costs:

We can offer a Botman.nz bot if needed for a fee. (You can also use your own server manager)

Mod support is possible for an extra fee.

We can scale based on your needs.


Our Hardware:

Bare Metal Host (Water Cooled)

Intel Xeon E-2136

6 Cores 12 Threads

Speed 3.3 Ghz, Boost 4.5 Ghz

64 GB DDR 4 ECC 2666 Mhz Ram

2 - 500 GB NVME Drives

Network - 1,000 Mbps ( 1 Gbps) Up and Down

DDos Protection


If interested, Join our group Discord and we can answer any questions you have.

You can also go to the website and send us an Email from there on the page listed below.



[We only offer Botman for the servers we host through our own servers, We will not offer for services outside of our hardware]



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There has been software upgrades done on my main host system,

they are now completed.


any group hosted server for the public will now use the ip.


The location is the same and so is the host system.

I am preparing multiple public game servers for other games currently.


all current info and questions can be answered in the group discord.


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