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3D models


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Howdy 7D2D fans,


Well i just want a few infos from some modders out there,

if they will use my models. If i would post them. And of course i will post pics with it too. And the DL link with it.

But you have to ingame them.

I also want to start modding for 7D2D, and i do not know anything about it.



Im a 3d modeler, known as schmidtm in Farming Sim 17,19, and im working on guns right now.


Im Working on

Minigun Almost done

Gattling gun 50% done

und some turrets. 10% done.


If any modders are willing to use my Models, give me a holla.

They are free to use. The only thing i wanna see is my name in CREDITS for the models.


The models will be soon here. IN FBX format

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people is always looking for free models, thats a big issue, there are more poeple able to put them into the game than modelers. maybe is easier to try getting in touch with them since the forum probably has a really low feedback compared for example with a discord modding server.


also that way you will probably be able to quickly learn the other part that you dont know how to do and share info, there is a lot of feedback and sharing / collab in the servers.

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