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Darkness Falls a bit of clashing with use Stallionsdens Special forces Case


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ok i am using darkness falls. and i would like to use Stallionsdens Special forces Cases as well.


well these clash with itmes on the toolbelt taking up the same spots. how can i take Stallionsdens Special forces Cases and put thos 3 bags i get and put them in the backpack insted of the toolbelt?

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In entityclasses.xml you will see lines like this


<property name="ItemsOnEnterGame.GameModeSurvival" value="drinkJarBoiledWater,foodCanChili,medicalFirstAidBandage,meleeToolTorch,keystoneBlock,noteDuke01"/>

<property name="ItemsOnEnterGame.GameModeSurvivalSP" value="drinkJarBoiledWater,foodCanChili,medicalFirstAidBandage,meleeToolTorch,keystoneBlock"/>

<property name="ItemsOnEnterGame.GameModeSurvivalMP" value="drinkJarBoiledWater,foodCanChili,medicalFirstAidBandage,meleeToolTorch,keystoneBlock"/>


Have to add the additional items you want spawning on starting a game. so just add Stallion's items after the DF items


You can't put them in the backpack, but you can add them after the DF items.

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