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Need help with paintable blocks & adding new paintable textures


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I have created new block with new texture in unity. Got it working fine in game but how can I make it

paintable? Tried to look in paintings.xml and blocks.xml but cant figure out texture and paint ID:s.


Allso is there any way to add new textures in paintbrush whitout editing resources.assets ?

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Someone else might be able to weigh in, but as far as I know it is not currently possible. They changed the way textures are stored in A18 and have not created hooks to add or modify the array. You used to be able to replace specific textures in UABE but I think that is broken for block textures at the moment.

Dust2Death is the environment texture guy around here and he was not able to modify textures like in 17 and before, and those were resources.assets hacks.

I am certain, though, that if it is possible to make a custom block paintable it would have to be done as a layer in unity, as that is the only way that I can think of to assign specific IDs to each face so that the game knows what you are painting. (Think of railings where you can paint the top rail, bottom rail, and the posts.)

If someone who codes wants to look into the C# painting code and see what it is looking for, I might try to import a block into unity and deconstruct it.

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