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Beds suggestion for multiplayer PVP servers.


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Would be pretty cool for someone like me that enjoy playing against other players that beds would have some short of penalty this setting would by default be disabled but can be enabled on pvp servers. The setting would make it so if you die in pvp you would have a timer just like Rust. This wouldn't affect people that just play pve but for pvp its really annoying that you kill someone and he just has a bed nearby and comes back none stop. Another thing is that beds are only 10 fiber so they spawn nearby and then when you finally find their bed they get a message that their bed are destroyed they just hit 5 plants on the ground and put a new bed down. If beds require something more then just fiber that you gotta find in buildings or craft from other natural things around would be so much better. OR that you can only place beds within your building block radius. It feels that their is no danger even if pve to die when you go into a dangerous building spam a bed outside doesnt matter if you die you spawn closeby anyways.


I recently made the same post on the steam forums it just a suggestion. I would assume you can make suggestions i hopefully don't offend anyone with this but on the forums 1 moderator was really blunt let it put in his words and said that pvpers are just 5% of the game and that they don't matter what so ever. I paid for the game so i would assume that i can make suggestions.

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Well for one the idea of making a bed harder would be pointless. All they'd need to do is bury their bed and then choose to spawn near it. You'd never be able to find it.


Secondly how would that even work? If I put a bed near your base, die and respawn and die again am I prevented from respawning? Am I respawned randomly somewhere else 5k away?


Only 1 bed is allowed to be active at a time so if you disable the spawning point you would be forced to spawn randomly anywhere on the map......


Also as you were told on steam, its a slippery slope. Everyone who wants to PvP in the game wants them to tweak stuff for it, and while individually each request might be small it really adds up and can introduce bugs for the PvE game.


Hence why really they are focusing on PvE since the game is not intended for PvP and the PvP population is a tiny minority of the playerbase. After the game is released, has been optimized, and gone thru bug fixes stuff like this becomes more feasible IMO.

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