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Is Biome based on difficulty?


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Recently I've been having a fun time struggling through insane mode. However, I've noticed that nearly 4 out of 5 new spawned games, tend to be desert, or wasteland, which is getting annoying. Has anyone else had this experience? Is the biome you appear in based on the difficulty settings, if so which difficulty settings put you in the cold biome, or forest biome? Thanks ahead of time.

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As of A18,

Certain zombies will spawn in certain biomes.

A few further (soldier zeds) will also spawn near barracks/soldier places.

Bikers in bars.


IF the zombie is biome locked, GameStage will eventually unlock and send at you.

The spaces are generally in sets of 7-9gamescore


But this is a little awk cuz sleeper volumes can still spawn more rediculous zeds than regular.


Gamestage means nothing as far as zed spawning unless its a cop, demolisher or boss, feral, radiated or legendary.


the TDLR is roughly;

Green Biome=Super basic zeds.

Desert Biome=Cowboys,Dogs, Bikers

Wasteland Biome=Any any time-Even has a 25% chance at all times for feral zeds.

(With the cop, demo, boss, feral, radiated, legendary exceptions)

*All previous zeds can spawn in higher level biomes.*


Source:1700 hours in-game; Code reading.

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