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Any chance of making 0XP a standard game option?


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Is there any chance of making Roland's 0XP mod a checkable game option?


I get the XP switch and don't want that gone, despite me having been one of the countless players that ignored crossbows no matter how many steel crossbow bolts TFP used to throw at me in loot I think the in-game hints do matter, and XP is a pretty damn effective "do more of this" hint, and, well, leading players by the nose is just a thing, some of that's gotta be there, getting that right is hard.


But it seems to me once a player's got the hang of it the XP system starts getting in the way of the game, take concrete for instance, it's huge, but kinda pointless early. You might have to entice the points-chasers into using it, sure, and the big XP reward for building concrete seems about right for when players fall behind on military research or just need a few quick points to level up, but: once XP has put people on the right track they don't need it any more, and wanting some more perk points is kinda built in, you can either gate them behind XP or something else.


0XP gates perk points behind simply surviving. Don't Die. The cost for dying early might seem small, but it's 2 perk points of opportunity cost after just a day (1,1,2,2,3 vs 1,1,1,2,2), ramping up to 6.


Being able to level up by just cowering in a hole Does Not Seem Right, sure. But the things raw n00b's do instead of that aren't really more productive, and this mode's not for them anyway. You can level up by cowering in a hole and have nothing to show for that week, or you can level up by clearing a town and have a fixer-upper town to call your own to show for it, it's your choice, the idea's to have fun, right?


Some of the more minor stuff, particularly stripping the it's-dead-Jim giveaways, make for nice gravy to go with the meal.

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