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Holding "G" Doesn't Work In The Prefab Editor? It isn't you -- its 7 Days


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Just posting this here so there's a search result hit when someone is tearing their hair out trying to use the level/prefab editor in 7 Days.


If you hold "G" and you don't get the axis 'handles' for adjust the position or Shift + G to change the extents of the blue selection volume -- just remember 7Days doesn't handle remapping very well.


That mysterious key? Its "Drop Toolbelt Item" which is default mapped to "G". Change it? Prepare to tear your hair out as your change not only doesn't show up in the "Help" section of the prefab editor -- even if you realized what happened and changed it back to "G", it STILL WON'T WORK.


The only way I could fix it was to go back to "Defaults" for the key mappings -- conveniently messing up my changes for multiplayer, etc -- but at least the prefab editor key combo worked again.


If you open up the "help" that only appears in the prefab editor -- and you see "none" for the combo for moving the selection box, you know you're screwed -- just go and go back to the defaults.


Maybe this will get fixed, who knows -- but its pretty damn annoying when you're first trying to use the damn prefeb editor in the first place.


You're welcome.

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