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Change some biome "topsoil_block" but in game is a wrong block color


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With a18.1 b8, I decide to change some biome's "topsoil_block" to have a little fantasy biome:

- wasteland > terrOreOilDeposit

- burnt_forest > terrOrePotassiumNitrate


But the little problem in game is about the block color of the "topsoil_block" is wrong, example with the biome wasteland:

- block color is "terrDestroyedStone"

- but the block type is truly "terrOreOilDeposit", I hit it to see the loot

- & only after hit it, block color about all block around become "terrOreOilDeposit"


So please, there is a way to fix it? Or it's just a hard coded by the game's rwgmixer/block or what else?

Thanks for yours answers.

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