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A group of friends and I have been trying different dedicated server providers as recommended by Fun Pimps and there's been some surprising differences. It's these differences that if highlighted would help player greatly.


Rating on different key performance indicators should include;

Cpu, memory: With the minimum hardware requirements varying heavily on map size, number of concurrent players, mods, etc it's up to the players to decided which provider meets their requirements.

Other key performance indicators include price point, support (especially new players who may wish to try different modules but may not have the technical experience to install and configure them), security (including ddos/dos protection, fail-over and business continuity planning, user data and privacy adherence policies as applicable in various countries, etc).


I'd also like to know why Fun Pimps recommends these providers and how the user base rates them.

One provider on the list provided such terrible service, a semi-working web interface and 54% up-time for my group so far that I'd like to call them out and recommend that Fun Pimps remove them from their recommended provider list.


Want to know which provider impressed me the most?

Want to know which provider did not?

Don't care? That's OK, it's only a game. :)

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