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  1. 7 Days To Die\Data\Config Cheers
  2. Howdy, not much to it really. Make sure you're running a19 (19.1 seems to work fine for me as well). Copy the Ravenhearst contents into your install folder, overwrite files when promted. Launch the game with EAC disabled and play as normal.
  3. Howdy Jax, I'm having an issue running the server mod on Linux. It loads up fine but once someone connects the server crashes. This is similar to what happened when Khaine initially released Darkness Falls 3.0.0 so just for fun I replaced mods\0-spherellcore\harmony\harmon-0-spherellcore.dll with Khaine's DF 3.0.1 version and then the server ran normally. I'm sure that will cause other issues but hopefully that will give you some clues if others run into the same issue. It runs fine on a Windows based server though.
  4. Hi Khaine, A couple of items that my group noticed that seem out of place; -all three 7.62 coilrifle round recipes are exactly the same -eating something that gives the buff "buffAverageFood" will override the high tier "buffGoodFood" causing your food to decrease at faster rate then expected Nice work with this version though. Some really nice improvements over the a18 version. Cheers
  5. Ah so it's not just me! I'm seeing the same behavior. I see Khaine has already responded so I'll just run a Windows dedi for now.
  6. Oh man! As a fan of both this mod and Nitrogen maps, this conversation just got super-overdrive exciting...
  7. Hi Kaine! Some feedback for you based on my group's play-through of v17.4. Firstly, really nicely done with the mod. Challenging, fun and a nice progression. We really enjoyed this one. The below are some notes, *not necessarily bugs, just odd; -Brass catchers are not usable on Coil guns -Different Schematics/books do not have consistent stack values. Some aren't stackable at all. Those that are will yield extra skill papers when scrapping in stacks of 3+ -Schematics scrap into skill papers instead of generic schematic papers. * -spike mod cannot be installed on a titanium club (you can craft a spiked titanium club but that adds bleed damage instead of armour reduction according to the description) -no laser turrets?!* -school buses do not break down past the initial shell meaning no vehicle parts. But I understand this is part of the vehicle mod and will probably change with the introduction of the new a18 vehicle assets -a fire suppression systems would be nice as a base defensive measure against demons* -Completionist perk for the bonus xp seems odd. You must first complete everything so why do you need bonus xp after?* Looking forward to the next incarnation of the mod. Cheers
  8. Howdy, I'm running the experimental version of the mod, fun stuff. Regarding items related to sap (bottle/bowl of sap, sticky apples, sterile bandages, etc); there doesn't seem to be a way to craft or collect sap ingredient items (dfbowlsap and dfbottlesap). Is something missing or am I just crazy (or both)? Cheers
  9. It looks like the Health Deploy block recipe unlock has not been allocated in the progression.xml (for the Survivalist Class). Maybe I've missed something? Cheers
  10. Howdy, I'm running the latest 5.5.1 server on a fresh install. Is it me or have pipes been removed from the loot tables? I'm in day 5 and haven't found a single one so far which is very frustrating.
  11. I don't disagree, but yes you must watch the item being crafted to receive credit for crafting the item. I think this is due to the base game though as all the mods I've tried work in this manner. I don't think crafting stations track who queue items.
  12. Oh man, have you seen the movie "Fallen"? The killer posses someone and when he's killed he just possess another person. Everytime I run into one of those whispering zombies I worry that killing it won't stop it... - - - Updated - - - This sounds normal. The iron crossbow holds 2 bolts and should auto-reload on the 3rd trigger pull. On a related note, the repeater crossbow holds 5 bolts and is truly epic...
  13. Odd, mine are growing fine. Although originally all mine died. Make sure they are next to water or they will die like my first crop did!
  14. As per the latest "live update" dyes are crafted in the Armour Bench and do not require any specific tools. I believe the icons are rough indicators of the requirements (ie crafting table, campfire). I don't think these are customized although that would be really awesome. Imagine if each crafting table had a specific icon. Jax, I know you're reading this...
  15. I followed the quest line yesterday; went to the locations indicated and placed a surveyor then moved onto the next location. When reaching the last location and placing the last surveyor I believe I had to dig 3-4 down until I found the dino skull. The process is very similar to treasure hunting but with a much smaller radius.
  16. I've only tried the 3x3 elevator but it seems to only be usable by the creator of it. It makes a "locked" sound when other players attempt to use it. There isn't an interact menu to "unlock" it. Am I missing something or is this block not intended for multiplayer? Cheers
  17. JaxTeller718 - The welding torch, "used at the Tailer Station to craft metallic armours.", is not actually required or used by any recipe including the various metal armour types. Cheers
  18. Fishing is a little tricky. After crafting a baited fishing rod simply look at some water next to you and click. I usually need to click on a couple squares of water but watch your "baited fishing rod" icon on your toolbelt. It will convert into a "fishing rod full" and the worm icon turns into a fish. Then look at the ground and click to "build" a pail of fish which can then be harvested like any other block. Cheers
  19. Attribute: Adenturer (the main skill in this category) affects this.
  20. You need a drill bit. Use it like a tool to "upgrade" the autominer. The autominer will then process for a day and pop out supply of material. You will then need another drillbit. Cheers
  21. Howdy, Anyone try the Farm Production path? Crafting the chicken coop, pig and cow are pretty straight forward but the benefits are not. It looks like you need to capture wild male/female versions of them for use within the crafted version (which are essentially crafting stations) but I'm not sure how to capture animals. Is there a special tool that I've overlooked? Cheers
  22. Howdy, The beaker isn't craftable and isn't in the loot tables. How are they normally acquired? Cheers
  23. @Cakesonaplane This reminds me of the beginning of the TV show Red Dwarf. "They're dead Dave. Everybody's dead Dave...". Yes my farmers are using the same fridge and icebox. Actually that's a lie. I have 4 farmers utilizing 2 fridges and 2 iceboxes. I don't know how close the settlers have to be to utilize these resources so I've been sticking to a radius of 2. I broke them up into two groups in order to cover a larger field. As for upgrading the storage boxes to ice boxes, I have done both. I have placed the farmer then the storage box and upgrade it. I have also placed the storage box, upgraded it then placed the farmer. Both scenarios worked fine for me. I did still receive that error when first placing each farmer but they seem to function fine. @zingo2 I don't believe your statement about electricity in vanilla not having a limit is true. Electricity has an absolute limit of 13 before you need a relay or something to extend it. Maybe I misunderstood your statement though. I'm not the brightest bulb in the shed... @ColdGate I noticed the same thing too! I lost a few coats so far. As someone else pointed out though manually moving the coat instead of using the click-shortcut works fine though. Hopefully they will sort that out in the future though but I'd rather they fix the buggy gas first Cheers!
  24. Howdy, I'm not a dev but...multiple farmers works fine for me. I have my famers inpairs sharing a fridge/icebox. It looks like they are limited to an 8x8 radius though so I've spread my groups out a bit. Cheers
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