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Meat Spoiler


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Hi I'm not sure if this is even possible but was wondering if it's possible for someone to create a meat spoiler station? With the changes to the farm plots in the current build it at least to me seems difficult to get enough spoiled meat to build farm plots. So I thought I'd borrow the idea from Ark's meat spoiler and see if it's possible here. :)

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Copy this into an xml file:



<append xpath="/recipes">

<!-- Add recipes for spoiled meat -->

<recipe tags="workbenchCrafting" count="1" name="foodRawMeat" craft_area="workbench">

<ingredient count="1" name="foodRottingFlesh"/>





save it as "recipes.xml". Put it in Mods/Configs under your 7d2d main directory. I didn't know how to do this stuff either, so I just copied a mod that added a recipe and looked up the items in the Data folder of the game. Easy stuff if you're willing to spare 10 minutes to just look into it.

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