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  1. There I think I fixed the download link.
  2. Not sure what's wrong. Here's the google drive link for the mod. https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1QL2BA33H1aUpcZMiSQvuA8nGo4UkJVIn?usp=sharingusp=sharing
  3. I have the main folder I changed the name from Acid to Acid mod. Then in that folder a config folder and modinfo.xml. Inside the config folder I have a recipes.xml with the above recipe.
  4. I tried to make it a mod and I THINK I followed the format but not 100% certain. LOL and have no clue where I can upload this so you can actually see the mod. edit: I put the recipe physically in recipe.xml and it works fine just not when I try to make it into a mod LOL
  5. 2021-12-22T09:54:37 7.096 INF [MODS] Start loading 2021-12-22T09:54:37 7.099 INF [MODS] Trying to load from folder: Acid 2021-12-22T09:54:38 7.126 INF [MODS] Loaded Mod: Acid (1.0) Shows the mod loaded but when I search the chemistry station for Acid nothing comes up.
  6. It doesn't show up in the chemistry station. LOL maybe I've missed something in my file format for the mod itself?
  7. Ok after looking at several examples I'm stumped as to why this recipe I've made does not work. Here's what it says: <Zyamaia> <append xpath="/recipes"> <recipe name="resourceAcid" count="1" craft_area="chemistryStation" craft_time="20" tags="chemStationCrafting"> <ingredient name="resourceScrapBrass" count="2"/> <ingredient name="resourceScrapLead" count="2"/> <ingredient name="drinkJarRiverWater" count="1"/> </recipe> </append> </Zyamaia>
  8. Hi @KhaineGB Great mods LOL I was about to ask a very redundant question but figured it out.
  9. Thank you guys very much for your help, and yeah the block idea was a pipe dream but I was hoping LOL. Sorry I was unclear, yeah the coal/wood was the fuel source in case it was to be made into an actual workstation. Thanks for the recipe.
  10. Seeing as how I know nothing on how to make mods I was wondering if any of you outstanding modders out there could create a mod to do the following. Obviously they'd be separate mods. The first is a meat spoiler you put say raw meat and nitrate and "cook" it with wood or coal and it spoils the meat. With the changes to farming spoiled meat is in great demand and short supply. The second is a simple block that you make with the simple word of searched. I'd think wood and paint and possibly a few nails for the recipe would suffice. Not sure if anyone wants to go full out and make an actual sign that says that instead of a block but hey whatever works. With the INSANE amount of POIS now and with me having the memory of a gold fish I can't remember what I've searched and what I haven't. This would help out lots.
  11. LOL it was no big deal it just took me a bit to gather the resources to get it. On a side note I did find a military truck that I used it on which made me happy.
  12. Hi SQ, great mod as usual but I found kind of an discrepancy. The repairable 4x4 trucks need a car repair kit not a truck repair kit. LOL saved up the resources to repair one and it said I needed the car one.
  13. Ok after over an hour of hitting boulders in the forrest biome I have as of yet seen any Iron Ore. LOL am I looking in the wrong place?
  14. Ok it's been a good while since I've played the mod, but other than scrap iron from boulders how do I get say nitrate and the like? Is it like the old days where you just go to a specific biome and dig down?
  15. Hi @Subquake, great mod as usual. I love the hard work and everything you've put into the mod. I have a couple of questions, I've been tearing down cars and have as of yet found any Car Engines. Am I doing something wrong or am I missing something? LOL Probably both. It's been a while since I've played 7d2d so I'm rusty.
  16. I'm wondering if anyone else is having a problem with mushroom plants disappearing?
  17. Hey @KhaineGB great mod as usual. After playing for more time than I'd like to think about I found a couple of bugs. The forge time which was previously mentioned is screwy. Also upgrading to Titanium blocks uses steel instead of Titanium. So I was curious on how to beat those demonic army guys I've tried blessed metal mods on all my max leveled weapons but they regen faster than I can damage them. Granted I don't have any of the special future weapons yet but I'd think max leveled titanium weapons would do it. Edit: Also the farming the Press E to pick up doesn't work on all crops and if I punch them it kills the seed too. But if I use like a knife it grabs the appropriate number of crops while leaving the seed alone.
  18. OMG I'm SOOOOOOOO looking forward to the release. I kind of feel like a kid on xmas morning LOL.
  19. Ok I have yet another silly question. How do I get sap from the trees?
  20. Anyone else have difficulty finding Titanium? I've done lots of mining and have as of yet found any. Are there any specific biomes?
  21. Hi I have a question about mining. Been exploring the map and have as of yet seen any resource nodes above ground. Is this intentional and if so how do I find the specific resource I'm looking for or LOL do I have to do it the old way and find a place and just dig?
  22. Hi @KhaineGB I have a question about farming am I missing something I have a 3 x 3 pool of water right next to my irrigation pump which connects to straight pumps and ends at a T which I split off both left and right connect a straight pipe to the t on either side. Then connecting another t to come back up the line and ending in a cap. The other direction connects to another t and following the same pattern but having a pump every third row. The issue is, is nothing is growing. As a side note do I now need to plant mushrooms on crop plots to get them to grow also?
  23. Hi, first off love the mod. But I have a question. I've wrenched dozens of cars but have as of yet gotten any headlights or any of the other special parts to build a car. Am I doing something wrong? I'm wrenching them if that helps.
  24. Thank you for your prompt reply. I love your mod(lets)s. Keep up the great work.
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