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Some question on custom items for starting characters


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Hello all


I am currently starting to run a 7 Days to die Server and I wanted to add a few things to the starting Character. I have figured out how to add it to the starting character but havent been able to find out how to modify the items correctly.


1. I want to add a note similar to the Duke note, that might have some server rules. I have copied the Duke notes in the items.xml anc changed the name and description. the item shows up in the inventory but not the description


2. I also want to start the new charcaters off with a low quality pistol, I have been able to add the item to the starting inventory, yet is is a Quality 4 item and I want it to be a Quality 1?


Also is there a set amount of starting equipment a player can be given?


Thank you for any assistance you can provide.

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For #1, you'll probably have to edit localization to get it to show. Which means clients will have to download and install it. Not too familiar with servers but I know some people have a background image that displays their rules. There have been some mods that do this. Not sure if it works server-side only though.


#2 I'm not sure if setting a specific quality is possible. Maybe someone else will know for sure.


I wouldn't think there is much of a limit. Other than inventory space.

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I'm not sure how to add quality to the items in the player's starting inventory in entityclasses.xml, but you can start them with a unique bag and then make the bag loot have specific qualities.

Basically you just add loot_prob_template onto a loot group, by default there's a qualQ1Template which only gives T1 stuff.


Here's a quick example of where this gets added to a lootgroup:

<lootgroup name="exampleLootGroupOne">
 <item group="exampleLootGroupTwo" loot_prob_template="qualQ1Template"/>

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