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World corrupted by 1+4 invisible columns


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My world is from a experimental version of alpha 18. Not sure which version because i had to restart at one point. In the area i am building my base i have encountered two 1 by 4 invisible columns (1 in length and width, and foru high). I can walk inside, but i can not place anything inside them. They also have SI so i can place blocks seemingly in midair next to them. This is a really annoying bug.


Have anyone else encountered this and have a way to fix it? I would hate to restart since i have come pretty far in my game.

The seed is pregen 2 and i have started a new game to check and the invisible columns are not there.


FOUND THE ANSWER. When i typed that it had SI it gave me the idea to dig all around it and under it to collapse it and it works. I do not know if i can delete the thread but a moderator have my blessings to do so

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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