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Coal farming


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Hi all, I've been looking everywhere to find an answer to this and I can't find anything for this alpha so sorry if it's common knowledge. I'm currently trying to craft a bike, but to get the wheels I need coal. Well I know I can find it in the burnt biome, which I can't for the life of me find on my map. So, where do I farm it? I've been looking for above ground coal nodes to farm under but all I can find is boulders, iron and lead. Dug under some gravel in the forest biome but all I'm getting is stone. Am I getting unlucky or am I missing something? Thanks for the help.

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Some other POI's also have piles of coal that you can harvest. Look for medium sized industrial buildings, similar to aforementioned Dump N Lung. Some of them have a container filled with coal next to them.


Then there's various low-yield sources such as burnt wood/trees (also in wasteland if I'm not mistaken), ovens and BBQ's, medical equipment.


Shouldn't there also be some coal nodes in forest btw? Thought I saw it mentioned. Definitely seems absent in the desert and wasteland biomes though.

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Coal nodes can be hard to spot since they're black. Lead nodes are visible from a mile, and iron nodes have a sort of distinctive shape and that orange splash of color. Coal nodes are small and black and you can walk by them especially if they are shaded by trees. They are significantly more rare than lead or iron; about the same as nitrate (in the forest anyhow). I've found maybe 3 coal nodes and 4 nitrate nodes in the forest biome on my RWG game, but a dozen or more each of lead and iron.


I think the nodes show up as one-pixel (or so) grey dots on the map when zoomed in pretty close.


For looting, coal can be found in:



Lab Equipment




Burnt Wood Roof blocks (possibly available in non-burnt-biome houses?)

Wood Burning Stove (harvested, not looted)

Ember Pile (such as in fireplaces)

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