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AI on Dedicated MP Server Seems Broken


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***NOTE: I tried posting this earlier today and it didn't ever show up as far as I could see.***




I'm having some issues with the AI on my server (MP - dedicated, GTXGaming 'gtxcp.uk' as the host). I'm fairly certain I'm doing something wrong, but I can't figure it out.


I did some Google searching, and searched the forums, and all I found was a similar issue from A 17.X where deleting the profile apparently fixed it.






Since a full server restart after b155 went stable, no AI in the game actively pursues / attacks / runs away (IE: deer).

If you get within melee range of an aggressive AI, it will attack.





When running EXP 18 b155, everything was fine. When b155 went stable, I wiped my server, and re-loaded it to stable again just to be sure.


I always delete the "steamapps" folder off the server (I've had issues starting new servers before unless I delete it),

and then do a Steam update to get to the latest version.


I also wipe out the "\..\Data\Worlds" folder to delete any remnants of the prior server / player info.


The map is PREGEN03. Since I've never played that one before, I flew / teleported around in admin mode to

scope the map out. NOTE: wondering if moving around the map so much caused z's to spawn and maybe over-loaded the AI after the new spawning changes with 18?


Despite a server wipe, I noted that the map is revealed from my previous exploration, even though I deleted the "\..\Data\Worlds" folder and everything under it.

I tried renaming the "GameName" also, but still seeing map revealed.


Anyways, I also tried updating to EXP 18.1 b4, wiped, etc. Same issue with the AI.

I also deleted my local player profile and made a new one with a different name, same issue with the AI.

I have several friends who play on the server too, I had each of them create new player profiles. They experienced the same issue with the AI.



MODS (worked in EXP 18 b155)


















I can't figure out what's going on, and it makes no sense to me that the map is still showing revealed even after deleting my individual steam ID player files (.map / .ttp).


I've verified in the "serverconfig.xml" that enemies are set to spawn. They obviously are b/c they show up but don't do anything.

I've also spawned in enemies using admin commands, and they still just stand there.


Looking for the "output_log__<DATETIME>.txt" to add to the post.

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