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SteelPolish Back At The Trader


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Hi all , i loved the idea of bringing back steelpolish thanks to Buggi but i wanted the game to be harder for me to acquire it, i spent some time fiddling with the xml files and i am not too knowledgable on xpath or much of the code but what i have learnt is just a little change to add it back into the trader....for a price.


I believe each one costs around 5400 dukes coins, since it's an endgame type item and has a lot of HP i figured by that time you should be swimming in dukes so getting some should not be a problem.


You can download it below, just apply it to your mods folder as you would with any other modlet, hope this helps others, feel free to edit it or change whatever, if you are good at xpath feel free to update it to make it easier.




Original mod:




Credit goes to: Buggi, the original maker of the mod.

Guppycur, for showing me how to add stuff to the trader.

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