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  1. Hey all, not sure which section is best to ask, i'm looking for a good server provider, anyone can recommend a reasonably priced company i can go with please? thanks.
  2. yeah a18.2 stable is not showing up on steam? can you let us know if its been put back into experimental or not please? thanks.
  3. Hi all , i loved the idea of bringing back steelpolish thanks to Buggi but i wanted the game to be harder for me to acquire it, i spent some time fiddling with the xml files and i am not too knowledgable on xpath or much of the code but what i have learnt is just a little change to add it back into the trader....for a price. I believe each one costs around 5400 dukes coins, since it's an endgame type item and has a lot of HP i figured by that time you should be swimming in dukes so getting some should not be a problem. You can download it below, just apply it to your mods folder as you would with any other modlet, hope this helps others, feel free to edit it or change whatever, if you are good at xpath feel free to update it to make it easier. https://github.com/HixxyDubz/Alpha-18-mods Original mod: https://7daystodie.com/forums/showthread.php?130484-MODLET-A18-Stainless-Steel-Again Credit goes to: Buggi, the original maker of the mod. Guppycur, for showing me how to add stuff to the trader.
  4. i did this and it works thanks, the only thing that doesnt is the icons for the parts in the craft menu, i guess they need updating since TFP's upgraded theirs too?
  5. not sure what is going on but my frames just drop to 1 when trying to use a cement mixer, crafting also drops my frames, happened ever since the update before last, not sure what is going on but its driving me insane, is there any way this can be fixed please? Specs: z370 msi gaming plus mobo i7 8700k cpu GTX 1080 32gb ram
  6. i'm gettiing the same, it lags even when im crafting, its getting really annoying, hope they sort it out.
  7. Holy Sh*t this looks amazing, i was sold before but this looks like my thing, cant wait to try it out!
  8. sorry for the silly question but where is the xp bar? or is it invisible? thanks.
  9. Hixxydubz


    with the current values that are on stainless steel, it would take about 2 demolition zombies to break through it, maybe even 1.
  10. Hixxydubz


    does this add it to the trader to buy please? thanks. (alpha 18)
  11. hi there, i followed your guide and attempted to add in a stainless steel mod but make it so that instead of it being craftable that it would be obtainable from the trader, i created a traders.xml file, added in the following code: <trader_item_group name="generalResources"> <!-- bundle size --> <item name="steelPolish" count="50,1000"/> <!-- 50 --> i know i went somewhere wrong, i had to open and close the code so to speak? so i put <append=xpath> or something, i tried different variations, i am very noob at this stuff sorry, i was just wondering if someone can help me figure this out, thanks. Link to the mod and my issue here: https://7daystodie.com/forums/showthread.php?130484-MODLET-A18-Stainless-Steel-Again/page2
  12. which section would that go please?
  13. i tried to make an xml file called "traders.xml" and added in this but i got an error with it. This is the line of code i made for it <trader_item_group name="generalResources"> <!-- bundle size --> <item name="steelPolish" count="50,1000"/> <!-- 50 --> Any idea where i went wrong please? thanks.
  14. awesome mod, got it all working thanks.
  15. is this tutorial up to date for alpha 18 please?
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