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  1. i did this and it works thanks, the only thing that doesnt is the icons for the parts in the craft menu, i guess they need updating since TFP's upgraded theirs too?
  2. Holy Sh*t this looks amazing, i was sold before but this looks like my thing, cant wait to try it out!
  3. sorry for the silly question but where is the xp bar? or is it invisible? thanks.
  4. hi there, i followed your guide and attempted to add in a stainless steel mod but make it so that instead of it being craftable that it would be obtainable from the trader, i created a traders.xml file, added in the following code: <trader_item_group name="generalResources"> <!-- bundle size --> <item name="steelPolish" count="50,1000"/> <!-- 50 --> i know i went somewhere wrong, i had to open and close the code so to speak? so i put <append=xpath> or something, i tried different variations, i am very noob at this stuff sorry, i was just wondering if someone can help me figure this out, thanks. Link to the mod and my issue here: https://7daystodie.com/forums/showthread.php?130484-MODLET-A18-Stainless-Steel-Again/page2
  5. which section would that go please?
  6. i tried to make an xml file called "traders.xml" and added in this but i got an error with it. This is the line of code i made for it <trader_item_group name="generalResources"> <!-- bundle size --> <item name="steelPolish" count="50,1000"/> <!-- 50 --> Any idea where i went wrong please? thanks.
  7. is this tutorial up to date for alpha 18 please?
  8. Ahhh im unfamiliar with adding stuff to xml files, is it simply a case of copy and pasting or do i need to do a bit of editing? appreciate the reply.
  9. is there a way to make this only available to the trader like before? i dont want to be able to craft this block as it might be OP for what my server has on it, want to make it a challenge to get it
  10. Does the elevator work for alpha 18? i loaded it in my folder but it does not show up in game, thanks.
  11. Ah makes sense, thanks for the reply, cant wait to see it updated for alpha 18, i will remove it for now then and await an update.
  12. also item icons not loading in properly when searching for them in crafting menu.
  13. Hi love the mod but when i load up i get an error saying " <append xpath="/buffs/buff[@name=buffStatusCheck]"> did not apply " is this by design? thank you.
  14. seems like a good fix for GPU's but i do have a question, since this game is primarily CPU heavy, is there a way to reduce the usage on the CPU? thanks.
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