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MOD to hide clock/day counter


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I remember having a mod in alpha 16 which used to turn off the clock and day counter. I'm looking for something which will accomplish the same in A18, is there any way to do it in any xml files, or is there any mod for it? I cant even find the A16 anymore so I'm starting to dread its integrated into another big mod. To me the clock and day counter kinda breaks the game as there is no incentive to keep track of the time manually, or even track the suns position, even if our team agrees to not look at the day/clock we all know that's not going to work in practice.


So, is there any way to hide the clock/day counter, preferably with xml files, if not, any mod that does this? Shouldn't be one of the hardest things to accomplish.

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In the config, XUI folder, xui.xml.


Search for windowCompass and comment out <window name="windowCompass" /> like below:


<window_group name="compass" actionSet="false">

<!-- <window name="windowCompass" />-->

<!--<window name="windowTargetBar" anchor="CenterTop" />-->



This will remove compass, day and time.


To remove just the day/time info search In the config, XUI folder, windows.xml.


Search windowCompass and find the following lines:


<sprite pos="240,-60" sprite="" color="255,255,255,255" globalopacitymod="1.8">

<label depth="2" width="300" height="30" text="{daytitle}: [{daycolor|always}]{day|always}[-] {timetitle}: {time|always}" font_size="28" pivot="center" effect="outline" upper_case="true" justify="center"/>



Just remove the {daytitle} etc from text="{daytitle} etc", remember to leave the entry with the quotation marks like this:




Hope this helps!

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