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Steam Download Optimization? (Download “diff” instead of full game)


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Sorry if this is a dupe post and this has been discussed before (I searched but couldn’t find anything).


I assume there is a technical challenge to this, but I, for one, would highly appreciate if there were a way for 7DtD to take advantage of update “diffing” (I’m make it assumptions here with terminology for my area of software dev) to reduce download sizes.


There are a few alphas I’m in where the devs release a patch and it’s only a couple dozen MB instead of the full size of the game each time. Not sure how it works, or if it is even possible with this project.


But I don’t I’m the only one that would appreciate it.

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I as well would like to see more of this.


In the meantime don't forget to set your download region in your steam settings to the closest area to you, or fastest downloading connection you can find. WARNING: Do not be tempted to clear your download cache. Unless you feel like downloading your entire steam library again.



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Yup, my download options are set the best they can be. Trust me, the download issue is not at the Steam side. ;)


I'm a redneck, lucky to get 1.5MB down (it's usually about half that).


It takes me literal real-time days to download a 2.5gb 7DtD update.


I can tether to my phone and get it in a few minutes; but that burns a quarter of my monthly 10gb tethering bandwidth. (And yes, I've done this more than once.)


It would be REALLY nice if some priority could be put on using some sort of patching library or such so we can download a "diff" instead of the entire binary. :D

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