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  1. Perhaps. But I think nerfing the loot tables and smoothing them into a more "realistic apocalypse" curve makes more sense for the game. For instance: You don't get the random chance of a Q6 Baseball Bat on Day 4. You get a small, random chance of a Q1 or Q2 Baseball Bat on Day 28 (or whatever the "balance Gods" deem correct). You get a small, random chance of a Q3 Baseball Bat on Day 35 (and an increased chance of Q1/Q2--or whatever). This pattern increases as gameplay increases. It "makes sense" that in a "zombie apocalypse" you don't find a cache of pro-level sluggers in a baseball star's ruined house. You can scrap the crappy bats for parts to make your own super-awesome baseball bat; like an apocalyptic hero would do. Or you can continue to get better and better at scavenging, being able to hit larger, more likely targets; which will eventually net you that fancy new slugger you want. P.S. I'm ignoring "baseball bat parts". But to be fair, you should look up the construction technique of "professional" baseball bats (which I'd argue the "spirit" of the T3 Club is. It isn't just a bunch of kids with 2x4s and a rusty knives churning them out. So, "baseball bat part" is an abstract "gameification" of an industrial baseball bat production line. I also realize a player's "skill" at something doesn't mean the box will magically contain better loot; again, that's a "gameification". It is resource intensive to simulate a "real" apocalypse that would be fun to play. Maybe they *should* have a sporting goods POI where you'd be more likely to find a baseball bat. But that also means there needs to be a specific POI for every kind of main loot. It also means you have to realistically simulate rural / urban areas with realistic travel times, and everything has to be perfect; otherwise you still "loose your immersion". And all of that means bandits don't come until 2035 and the blasted chem station is still fire-crackling away until 2039. Again, "reality" doesn't mix directly in a Zombie Apocalypse Game. It just doesn't.
  2. I know clubs are probably arguably the "best" melee weapon; but I just don't like them. I did pick them in a shotgun playthrough; and loved the shotgun, but I just can't get into clubs. My favorite combo so far is steel fists and M-60.
  3. I'll again repeat my caution against "realistic" food poisoning. You don't want realism here, folks. You can't 100% avoid food poisoning (even in "real life" Earth, it is a low risk in sanitary parts of the world, and a larger, constantly potentially life-threatening risk in unsanitary parts of the world). And you can't really "overcome" it either. If you get it, it runs its course. You can do a few things while you lie there wishing you were dead; but in a world where lying down in a random location means you get your neck chewed open..."realistic" food poisoning === you're now a zombie. I'll also repeat my statement that I'm not 100% satisfied with the current food poisoning system either; but it has changed (to a minor degree, but still changed) how I play in A18, enough to give some somewhat interesting decisions. And I await a larger change before I render final judgement.
  4. Factorio: 1,902 7DtD: 489 Torchlight 2: 391 Path of Exile: 120 And a smattering of dozens or so hours in a bunch of other games. I lost track of my WoW /played after I became a bit embarrassed about it. And I also have about 500 more in Factorio that was outside of the Steam release. I have probably about 100 in various Borderlands games before the Steam releases. I'm honestly surprised 7DtD is as high as it is really the only zombie game I've played. But I like that you aren't punished too badly if you're not a crack-shot FPS gamer. Sure, that helps; but not getting a headshot 100% of the time doesn't obviate you trying and succeeding overall.
  5. Until A19, when we now encounter the Hacker Zombie with an EMP pulse. He'll cut out all your engines (and also base defenses).
  6. I voted #3. I'm curious to see how the final food situation works with all the new recipes in, etc. Will the Food Poisoning chance be worth the tradeoff if I can get some pretty spiffy food buffs? :: shrug :: I feel like a spoilage mechanic will just increase the irritation factor for most people. I would like to try it; but I'm unsure if I would like the additional micromanagement. All it really boils down to is that you have to hunt or loot more frequently until you advance enough for refrigeration. So, it's a time sink. Whether it's a *fun* time sink, remains to be seen.
  7. I really need to look into that mod and a couple others now that I'm less terrified of the game in general.
  8. I assume they use the same "magic" that a pneumatic nailgun without a hose (or expended nails) uses. Again, full realism isn't that much fun in a game. Man...I really want to use this nailgun for this mine. :: takes 60 in-game minutes to load a gas generator, battery bank, compressor, hoses, fittings kit, boxes of nails, wood, t-square, cement mixer, cement, sand, and other accessories into his bike to go put up some walls around a mine ::
  9. Meh, they are chronic conditions with no current cure. Most of the time it's under control. My point though is that the game *IS* a game. So "realism" takes a bit of a backseat. I have slightly altered my playstyle but only to do one of two things (well I might sometimes do both): 1 - Primarily, fill up the tank before I leave (this way if anything horrible happens I can fix it) 2 - If I do take food on the road, use "safe" food; and minimize risk as much as possible (carry a stack of Meat Stew as it is easier to recover) For me, the benefits of cooked food do give enough of a slight bonus that I find it worth it (also, in which case I take a larger stack than needed and leave a with plenty of time to counter any setbacks for what I'd like to accomplish). I look forward to all the additional "high-end" recipies to be added to the game. (Though I guess if one wanted, they could mod them in already to help give reason for the cooked food. Though I suppose if one is modding files anyway, one could probably just mod away the food poison percent chance. I've never looked at the files, so I dunno.) (Also, even though I quoted your post, I wasn't necessarily picking out out of the crowd; your quote just seemed to summarize well the main arguments I've seen for the risk vs reward feel of the food poisoning mechanic.)
  10. Here's a perspective for those that want a bit of "realism". My wife has Crohn's disease. I have Celiac disease (both severe GI issues). Celiac disease essentially (depending on severity) presents as significant, severe food poisoning whenever you eat a certain type of "gluten" (primarily from the wheat plant, but lesser from others). Regardless... my wife and I have discussed that we'd be among the first to die in an "actual" zombie apocalypse. If I get a Celiac flare, it is essentially disabling. I won't get gross, but let's suffice it to say I have literally spent hours in a bathtub, weakly draining / refilling the water while doing things similar to what you get when you eat a sham sandwich or drink murky water. The noise you would make would attract all the zombies and you *literally* don't have the strength to sit up, much less stand. The first time this happened was when I was in middle school. My parents nearly called 911, expecting an ambulance ride and a stay in ICU. (My mother thought I was dying and made my dad pick the bathroom lock so she could get in. LOL .. Yeah it wasn't funny at the time, but I laugh now.) You *don't* want "realistic" food poisoning in this game (or any other). P.S. Crohns is *worse* overall than Celiac. When it is uncontrolled you're essentially bleeding internally a large portion of the time. Yup, good times. P.P.S. I have also once had severe seafood poisoning; and it manifested exactly as my Celiac bouts do (in fact I originally thought it was Celiac until I heard from friends who ate the same dish I did; we all got it). I don't know about anyone else; but I don't want "realistic" food poisoning in my game. I'm fine with the mental switch case I need to quickly traverse before eating. And I'm not 100% sure if I'd rather have a "spoilage" mechanic instead.
  11. I contributed a vote (not that it really matters much) in the vote thread where it appears that nearly 80% of the respondents are in favor of junk turrets fitting in and remaining in game. I think the main balancing should probably be that the junk turret can hit friendly players (like other turrets can do). I'm guessing this is disabled for gameplay (or performance optimization) reasons. (But I also figure if the other turrets friendly-fire, this one probably should too.) The default stun/knockdown should probably also be reexamined; maybe making it a bit less powerful by default but buffing it a bit more as an INT player perks up.
  12. Correction: *Almost* Perfect. I'd like the loot bag despawn timers to be tweaked to last until like 5am the morning after horde night (only triggered during a blood moon horde, of course). Yes, I know there is a gameplay decision as to whether to loot or stay in a safer spot. And I do like that. But it's super disappointing to know you had five yellow bags down there and now you have one. You *always* wonder...what was in those bags.
  13. I felt the same way with early, non-perked junk turrets. But when you get a few perks, Junk Turrets are actually pretty amazing. And when you can drop two, I can just stand behind my turrets while they take on a walking horde and pick off the really mean ones with a gun. That said, I play on default+1 (whatever it's called); so that may not apply on Survivalist. :: shrug ::
  14. I like these ideas. I'm hoping you also have some sort of "categorized" loot balancing in the works. For instance, either eliminating or at least prioritizing toward certain loot tables based off of what you're looting. (I think I read previously something like "parts" or "broken" items being more likely in garbage piles, etc; but being able to maybe loot an actual working gun out of a sealed crate. That sort of thing would be pretty awesome for flavor and consistency. (I know it feels nitpicky; but I'm absolutely convinced that it feels pretty good right now...it just needs some tuning. And even if people don't realize what's happening beneath the covers, it just "feels good" when it's all working together in a "believable" way.)
  15. Ahhh...the good 'ol toilet pistol. Replace the firing pin and you're good to go! As far a RNG goes, I decided to play an INT build and try perked Junk Turrets; so of course, I didn't find even a Q1 Junk Turret until about day 15...but RNG is RNG. And after a couple playthroughs to mid-game using some self-imposed scrapping rules (basically limit yourself to Quality level equal to the week you're in--if it's day 6 and you loot a Q4 pistol, scrap that sucker--or better yet drop it, but I scrap it or sell it to simulate some sort of resource I would have gotten if the loot tables were balanced downward). I agree that loot balancing is a very high portion of what needs to be done. Putting points into perks was significantly more satisfying when I wasn't finding a bunch of usable Q3-Q4 stuff on day 6. It was awesome to be able to build a Q2 (whatever) when my artificial loot limit was still feeding me nothing better than Q1. It also helps stretch out the game in a more satisfying way. But man, oh man, the wailing and gnashing of teeth on an incoming loot nerf.
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