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New POI ideas!

Adam the Waster

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here's some ideas for POI's now im going to base these in navezgane but they could spawn in random gen!.(if they were added)



Crashed Airliner: this is found it the burnt forest and it a tier 4 Poi. now theres old turbines from the plant you can harvest for a ton of scrap even steel. there's tons of luggage , trash and boxes around and zombies around the crashed plane. now the plane is kinda long and if you want you can uses one of the parts to build a base, and the nose of the plane has a box with nice loot!


Duke casino: found in departure. this tier 5 POI is a large casino with a ton of dukes, a ton of money and loot. there's areas in the casino like. the parking garage , the lobby , the Casino , the bar , maintenance hall's and the motel , the vault and the rooftop!. there's around 3 chest full of goodys to loot , a lot of cash and a ton of things to scrap!


The news Station: the Channel 0 news station is found around Perishton and is a large new's station that has a very large radio tower! and there's a ton of zombies and loot as well its a tier 4 POI! and has some nice loot!


Checkpoint: these police and military checkpoints are found around the roads of navezgane and there are army and cop cars around with some old hazmat teams! there around 2 munitions boxes and a weapons bag with some meds laying around!


fallen white river settlements!: there found around the navezgane and were white river settlements that were attack by the infected! "with the dead civilians wearing their clothes which were made of hides sone together" "and the guards of the settlement infected wearing their gear" now each settlement has it own ton of difficulty! some are easier and some are harder!


fallen bandit camps. similar to the white river camps the bandits can also get over runned by the zombies with there more "barabice" style of buildings with traps. and some of the zombies there are wearing there scrap and iron armor! and some areas are harder than other's

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