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Good way to add new keybinds?


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I'm relatively new to the game (only a few weeks) and I wanted to try to dabble in the modding world here a little bit. I come from Space Engineers and I was looking to bring over some of the utilities from there to here. I wanted to create some new functionality in the game but I didn't really want to add new physical buttons to the game (at least not yet) so I wanted to add a few new key binds to call action to the C# code I'm writing.


The best place I've found thus far is PlayerMoveController and under the Update method. I'm looking to add a Prefix using Harmony to check if the key is pressed and and then skip the normal code if that's the case. But from what I've noticed so far that when I try to bind to say ctrl + middle mouse click it will call the action twice. Is there a better place to add new key binds?


I appreciate any input or advice.

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