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Biomes TLC's ideas!

Adam the Waster

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Hello there if you ever read any of my post. you know what's up, lets get to it!


Burnt Forest!

most people just walk away from this biome. but here's some ideas to make it better




indeed od just being black. the biome could be a mix of Black and grey! due to ash!


dangers: this biome is kinda hot! but in some areas is really hot! but you can live there with little problem aside from heat!


Animals: the normal animals live here but zombie others like zombie bears will spawn!


Resources: there could be Meted Metal due to the fire and you can harvest it for scrap iron , forged iron and rarely forged steel.


when digging the dirt/ash. you have a chance to get coal or nitrate.


and when exploring you will find these areas called "heat veins"


these areas are large still hot piles of coal , wood and metals that emit a lot of heat. but if you mine them or dig under them(which is not easy) you will be rewarded will random mix veins of ores, even silver and gold and others


new zombies: the burnt victim is the main zombie but there a zombie called the "starved ghoul" which can spawn "underground , desserts , snowy forest , burnt forest and wasteland" and they act like a sleeper but they burrow themselves in the sand or whatever and attack there are a male and female version.




the wasteland is another biome people mostly skim through but here's some ideas to make it better/harder.


Reskin: it still has rubble as the main block but there would also be mud and some ash around!.


Dangers: this is a fairly balanced in terms of temperature , but it has its own hazards like Radiation dust storms that look like big green clouds of fog that can kill you or get you sick and zombies in radiation have a chance to turn into a radioactive zombie!. but with the right stuff you can survive. and some rebar that sicks out of the ground will act like spikes!


animals: there are animals hear but they had to change in order to survive. like deer are bigger! and have sharper antlers and the males will attack you! if you get close. boars are big and kill then eat zombies and have bigger tusk! . bears are 3 times the size. have arms as big as 4 biker zombies! and look like if they hit you you would go everywhere in a miss cloud! and mountain lions have sabertooth like teeth and are 2 times bigger!.


resources: there are old piles of dried oil that radioactive if you walk to close but its very rich with oil shale and even gas but its rare!. there are these "nodes" of resources like mechanical parts , brass , lead, iron , electronic parts and oil shale! due to the blast the heat melted these together into a solid mass. and there's glowing mushrooms. that can be used to make anti rad drugs.


zombies: there are normal zombies but a subtype can spawn there called mutated (blank) they will spawn there every now and then but around day 30 they spawn during horde night!. these zombies look like ferals (mostly the face and skin) but they have bone plating growing out of them and acts like armor and they deal more damage but they are slower!.




only changes:


new zombie sub type: staved(blank) these guys looks like normal zombies but they are skinnier or even down to the bone!

these will the the first kind of zombie you will find and can be found outside the desert but they spawn more there!


these zombies are MUCH faster! and deal more damage but they have lower HP and can be crippled easily.


Snow biome


(only change's) new zombie sub type Frozen(blank) these zombies look normal or some may have more clothing but there skin is blue-ish and they have a lot more HP but normal speed only found in snow biome!


and trees of any kind become snowy there!.




only change: more kinds of animals will spawn there like the mountain lions , coyotes and rarely the mutant animals



New biome



in navezgane its found near trader joel by the large lake!


THIS biome is full of water , mud , plants and zombies.


has new trees there called swamp cypress witch can grow quite tall and can even grow in water.

and there good to make treehouse's!


plants: mushrooms , yucca and cattails grow out here and even some other crops like corn but thats rare!


Animals: deer , boars , coyotes and mountain lions and bear can be there but very rarely.

however there a new animal there that lives here and lakes and rivers. the gator!

(now before you say it YES i know gators don't live in arizona. so my idea is that there invasive. like there could be a pet store with a pool in the back!) and they uses more stealth tactics and can swim fast and you don't want to get attacked by them and they prey upon, zombies , animals and people!


Loot: in the swamps , lakes and rivers can have stuff to loot like trash , old boats , boxes , creates , old cars etc.


zombies: new zombies that live there and lakes.

Drowned victim: these zombies sleep on the bottom of the water and will swim up to attack you. they are covered in mud and plants. but there kinda weak!


Drowned Fisherman: these guys wear rubber boots and overalls with a flannel with rubber gloves. these guys are as strong as a bloated walker and they move fast in the water!


Feral mudman: these zombies move on all fours and will jump out of the water and run really fast in the water! these guys look like a feral zombie but walks like a spider zombie and is covered in mud. he has a chance to blind you will mud!


Rooted walker: these zombie are very rotten almost to the bone but still keep walking! now with in time some plants grow out of him like mushrooms , poison ivy , and others. if he attacks you he can lower your max HP due to the ivy! and has near natural camo


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