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Fan made Book ideas!

Adam the Waster

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These are some book ideas

(note if you want these , fell free to take them)


It's just good business!


1: Snake oils salesman: able to sell objects that have little to no value for higher prices (with some exceptions like dirt)


2: Money is power! : the incentive of cash would make some people do things they normal wouldn't do. Increase damage or resistance by 2% for every 500 dukes and gives more resistance when carrying a quest item!


3: secret Tricks: there a small trick with vending machines to get the item you want. has a 35% chance of getting something for free by vending machines


4: scounder: you collect every dime nickle or quarter and you know were too look! able to harvest old money or dukes from beds/mattresses , couches , cars , vending machines and sinks.


Collector: if wearing a full suit. you get prices off buy 30% and able to sell stuff for 20% more!


dangerous Science!


1: pop and pills!: able to make painkillers and vitamins with aloe , Nitrate , oil and more!


2:bioChemist: Able to make biofuel with Fat to make some gas!


3: Zombie Sent: able to make a spray that makes you invisible to zombies for 3 mins: causes infection! and food poisoning! and wont work on blood moons or if you attack zombies (note its expensive)


4: Hazardous task!: able to make hazmat suits with Military fibber , leather and lead and get Damage resistance and Radiation resistance by 20%


Collector!: Acidolator! able to make a gun that with a ammo mix of rotten meat , acid , Paint , oil and gas. can shot at zombies and a dark green goo will shoot out and will melt zombies and spreads to them if too close!


Riot Control


1: Stand your ground!: takes 10% less damage when standing still and deal 5% more melee damage!


2: I am the Law!: Able to make flashbangs , Nightsticks and SWAT armor. Flashbangs Blind and deafens zombies temporarily even if they were chasing you!, Nightsticks deal more stealth damage then a club and has more damage!. and swat armor is nearly bulletproof and is made with Steel , military fibber and Leather. classed as heavy!


3: Freeze!: stun Baton dose more damage over time, and dose more Raw damage!


4: ON THE GROUND!: Able to Do more Knee damage and has a higher chance to cripple zombies legs!


Collector!: Walking Cliche! if you drink coffee you get a Boost in Damage and resistance!


Wasteland Warrior Note only found at trader joels!


1: Medieval combat!: Able to make Makeshift Maces , Battle axes and Swords! maces are a mix of blunt and blade! Battle Axes are like a blade sleigh hammer! and swords are great bladed weapons But can't harvest meat well!


2: Armor smith! : Able to make Reinforced Scrap and leather that's stronger then both but have different cost!


3: Weapon Smith: Able to make a Dart rifle , Blunderbuster , Flamethrower , and rattler!

Dart Rifle uses Iron Darts and has a bellow to pump air an can pierce through 6 zombies,

Blunderbuster has 4 barrels and can uses Both Shotgun shells and blunderbuss ammo. fires all barrels and if you hit them its heavy damage but takes awhile to load!

Flamethrower is what you think it is!

and the rattler is a SMG that has 2 barrels and fires both its great for spray and perry but can be suppressed!

4: Gear: Able to make Spike bombs , Thermit! and Alarm Bomb's


Colector: Able to make the Railgun witch shoots the same ammo as the junk turret! but has lower ammo. however it shoots it at a very high speed! and has a 20% chance of stunning zombies.


Needs Alot of steel! , alot of electrical parts , Mechanical parts , A car battery and Lead!


Navezgane Football League


1 Training: when Running you have a 45% Chance of not using Stamina when running or Attacking


2 Maintenance: able to craft Z team and S team Football Gear(with Plastic Leather and Cloth) and when you wear it you Get a more Stamina and 25% chance of not getting stunned classed as light, and uses little no no stamina when you run.


3 illegal Tactics: your brawling weapon (like Brass knuckles) get more Damage and When running if you Hit the Head you get a 100% chance of knocking out there Teeth and a 50% of a Knock down


4 true mans Drink: Able to craft Mega Crush with( Grain Alcohol , 4 coal , 2 Acid and 8 Golden Rod)


5: go long: Able to throw Pipe bombs , Molotov's , spears , and Grenade's farther and spears do more Damage when thrown.


Collector Bones: Stamina Drain is Reduced by 25% and when wearing a full set of football gear when Running you gain more speed(caped) and if your Run full speed you can tackle zombie's by running into them at full speed! they get knocked down and damaged(can Work in a horde) Uses 10 stamina per Zombie

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