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Zombie types

Adam the Waster

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I think there should be different types of zombies to switch things up kinda like the feral or radioactive zombies.


Starved: Looks Skinnier and some look down to the bone. these zombies are naturally faster and deal more damage but they can be Crippled/Dismember them and have less HP: (spawn on any day. and give less XP some zombies cant be starved manly the fat ones)


Frozen: found in the snow biome they have frozen skin (while not every zombie will be one) but any zombie can become one they are much slower but have more HP: Spawn on any level


Plagued: these zombies lose a lot of who they were. with Blood red skin and dark purple veins they have a advance stage of the infection and it lowers your Stats and slow drains xp then you will die. and the zombies lose all their hair.: spawn in government areas but can spawn in hords after day 28 or so


Mutated: these zombies have a advance for of the virus. and lose a lot of who they are they have teeth like a feral but they have bone plates growing out of there knees , Shoulders , Hands , skull etc. and because of this they gain natural armor and deal more damage and have much more health . but are much slower. : Spawn in wasteland but can spawn around and in hords around day 30ish


Radioactive Change: they have the same Hp but if you hit them you get Rad damage and they can emit a blast of rads to heal nearby zombies.

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