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New Weapons Melee , ranged , makeshift Ect

Adam the Waster

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These are so new weapons ideas Some you can find , some you can Craft, some you need blueprints and Some can be bought.


First Is ones that you can find or craft with Blueprints


Cleaver: Able to gather more meat and can chop limbs better


Nightstick: better then the iron reinforced Club, and has Bonuses Stealth Damage


Katana: very Rare and expensive but is one of the best Blade weapons Easy Decapitations, and can hit more the one enemy


Pitch Fork: a Spear that you can find while you can throw it. it can cause more bleed damage


Sickle: Able to gather more Plant fiber in a area , can harvest more crops. and it's better than the hunting knife


Steel Knuckles: Better than Brass


Pipes: Bolted Pipe: more Blunt damage. Socket Pipe: Can cause bleed and Cut. same damage then Club but more durable


9 iron: Better than club but not as good as Bat. it dose's more Head Damage.. FOUR!


Crowbar: Has heavy as a Sledgehammer but slower damage. But can Break Doors and Safes faster.


Boxing Gloves: Doesn't do much damage but can cause knock downs often. but can get upgrades like Knuckle gloves. and lead lined


Hatchet: doses ok at at Gathering wood but great for Chopping legs.


Trench Shovel: a Mix of Blade and blunt can cause stun and bleed and can gather sand and dirt


Makeshift Weapons BP is for Blueprint


Makeshift blade: the early game machete. doses ok damage


BP Battle Axe: A pipe with a Weight on it and 2 saw blades doesn't cut wood well it's mostly a weapon


Bp Makeshift Mace: Iron or Steel dose a mix of Blunt and Bleed and great against armor.


BP Makeshift Sword: Iron or Steel. better than the machete but Doesn't gather meat well and is Less durable


BP Makeshift Gauntlets: Iron or steel. A Bullet shaped Glove with Blades on it.


Bp Fleshcuter: A rod with a Router saw blade that needs gas better than Chainsaw.


Guns And bows


Desert Eagle: ammo 44| has more ammo then magnum and a bit more damage but doesn't have the derabilty


Lever action Rifle: Ammo 44| has Less Damage the Magnum but i has a Hell of a kick YEHAAA


AA-12: Ammo: Shotgun shells| This Fully auto combat Shotgun is great for Clearing Hallways but Sucks at range and cant use slugs


M16: Ammo: 7.76| this Burst Combat rifle is get for mid to long range and is higher Magazine make it great for hords but has lower damage then the AK


Compacted Grenade launcher: ammo: Grenade shells| .this guy has a far range but can only hold 1 shell


Combat Grenade Launcher: Ammo: Grenade Shells| this has shorter range but has a mag size of 6 and is simi auto


Compound Crossbow: has higher damage and holds 3 arrows instead of of one


Uzi: Ammo: 9mm| has a crazy rate of fire. has high mag size but the spread is crazy and has lower damage.


50.Cal: Ammo: 50.cal| has Crazy high Damage but low ammo only 3 shots but its very strong.


Makeshift Range Weapons


BP Nail Rifle: ammo Nails| this gun has a crazy rate of fire and it causes bleed. but it's useless against Armored Targets


BP Dart Rifle: Ammo: Iron Darts| this Gun Uses Air to shoot these darts at a fast speed but the Gun is very loud and has a slow rate of fire. However it can pierce through 6 zombies and is great at crippling them


BP: Flamethrower: Ammo: Gas| this can clear Fields in seconds and is great at dealing with Hordes and Behemoths how ever it drains through Gas and has low durability.


BP RailGun: Ammo: Scrap iron| This Gun has a car battery on it and you have to charge the Shot. but it causes Heavy damage especially against Armored Targets.


BP: Shot-Nail: This air powered weapon can Shoot nails like a shotgun and at a high force


BP: Pellet Rifle: Ammo: Scrap Iron. this gun is Great for stealth and its air powered but its not good for Run and gun style.



Spike Bomb: Small Boom. Ton of nails


BP Thermit: melts zombies great for breaking metal and its Cheap and effective


Bait: A mix of rotten meat and normal meat taped together allows you to lure zombies and animals with the smell its so strong that it can lure a ton out of a house


Throwing Knifes: Cheap and easy to make and great for stealth.



Dart Rifle




makeshift melee weapons


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