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New Biom, Exoskleteton with Respiratory System, Scythe!


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Ive done some research on post apo games and some of the things came to my mind while browsing Internet and playing my favourite games.


Volcanic biom with an active volcano, almost completely burnt ground with ponds of lava. That could have been vast, unique biom found only in one spot on the map. Sulphur, dust and radiation would prevent players from reaching this area without proper armour and Respiratory System. Sun rays cant reach the ground and visibility would be slightly limited. In the center could be located an active volcano, surrounded at the same time with ungoing thunderstorm - sounds like performance limitations. Potential nuclear conflict might wake some of the volcanos - thats why I think such biom would work out in any post apo game :distrust:.


Resources and items found there would be creators invention. The area would be the holy grail and place to go after having buffed your character. Other types of the enemies would fit perfectly, not necessarily zombified. Excellent place for Behemoths and its variants, lets say volcanic with a really tough armour, radiated etc. Bees might return, some other tougher variants of beloved dogs could be found like cerbers etc. Just use the imagionation! Railgun and explosives would be necessary to deal damage against certain mutants, zeds in Volcanic Biom. Dont waste Your small caliber bullets :jaded:!


To reach Volcanic Biom, mastering science, finding respiratory system and certain mods would be necessary. The Exoskeleton would enable players to carry more items without being encumbered, may include respiratory and life support systems for harsh environment and protect better against lethal enemies. For exoskeleton could be found mods like running/sprinting mod, better protection against low radiation, respiratory system and some other known modifiers etc. Respiratory System may allow players to function normally in cold, desert and other bioms normally without side effects :miserable:.


Scythe could be an additional weapon, proven in battle historically speaking. Such weapon would inflict serious bleeding to enemies and work something like Sledge Hammer. In addition you could cut damn grass withing certain range :strawberry:.


Stay alive and have fun!


New biom








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